Quest:Hobgoblin's Recipe

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Hobgoblin's Recipe
Level 32
Type Solo
Starts with Bob Greeneaves
Starts at Glass-blowers' Camp
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [21.2S, 64.5W]
Quest Group Evendim
Quest Chain Hobgoblin's Recipe
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'You see, I think I finally figured out what those goblins are up to. It was the presence of the hobgoblins that cleared it up for me. Stories always said that they were the worst of the lot, scheming up new ways to hurt and kill folk! I think they are taking the spiders and cooking them down, making them into that tar of theirs that they throw! Never heard of them using spiders' innards for such a thing, but wouldn't surprise me a bit.

'They are probably sore from their defeat south of here and are itching for another fight. But this time they plan on burning hobbits out of house and hole! You've got to put a stop to this!

'You should head back to the Bleakleaf Crest and burn the pots they are cooking the spiders in -- they'll probably have torches or such nearby that you can use. And you'll need to take the recipe for the tar away from them as well, or burning the pots won't do any good. Defeat one of them hobgoblins out there and search him for the recipe!'


Bob Greeneaves believes he has discovered the plans of the goblins.

Objective 1

The goblin-camp is in the Bleakleaf Crest, south of Dwaling.

Bob Greeneaves wants you to burn the pots the goblins are using to cook down the spiders, as well as recover the recipe for their tar.

Objective 2

Bob Greeneaves is in Dwaling, north of the Bleakleaf Crest.

You should return to Bob Greeneaves with the news of your success.

Bob Greeneaves: 'Good, you've done it! I'll take that recipe there and destroy it. That should keep them from making any more of that foul stuff.
'Never would have thought I'd be saving spiders from a horrible death. Well, if you don't tell anyone, I won't either!'