Quest:Gruesome Remains

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Gruesome Remains
Level 105
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Húrin
Starts at The Great Gate
Start Region Minas Tirith (After Battle)
Map Ref [65.6S, 16.3W]
Ends with Húrin
Ends at The Great Gate
End Region Minas Tirith (After Battle)
Map Ref [65.6S, 16.3W]
Quest Chain Minas Tirith (After Battle)
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'During the siege, the enemy sought to intimidate us by volleying the remnants of our fallen brethren into the city. Our people kept their resolve, but we would like to put those remains to rest.

'We were able to clear most from the streets, but word has come to me that some still linger on the outer walls, and my hope is that you will be able to locate and collect the last of our fallen.'


Húrin leads the grim task of collecting the remains of comrades catapulted into Minas Tirith by the Enemy.

Objective 1

  • Pick up an unfilled barrel

You should pick up an unfilled barrel so that you can collect any scattered remains found on the outer walls in Minas Tirith.

Objective 2

  • Collect scattered remains (0/10)

You should use the unfilled barrel to collect any scattered remains that you can find on the outer walls of Minas Tirith.

Objective 3

  • Deliver the filled barrel to Húrin

Húrin can be found outside the front gates of Minas Tirith.

You should deliver the filled barrel to Húrin.

Húrin: 'Even in the wake of carnage, I still cannot believe what the people of this city have endured. The enemy used every vile tactic that they could, but the will of Gondor did not break. I only hope that we can give these fallen a comfortable rest, and that Mordor's treachery sits at our heels.'