Quest:Friends at the Gate

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Friends at the Gate
Level 58
Type Solo
Starts with Svanr (Moria)
Starts at Nud-melek
Start Region Nud-melek
Map Ref [8.0S, 95.4W]
Ends with Alrekur
Ends at Mekhem-bizru
Quest Group Moria: Nud-melek
Quest Chain Nud-melek
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You look as though you are ready to move on at last, my friend.

'Why do you not head over to Mekhem-bizru? It will be an adequate resting point before you head into the deadly trees of Lothlórien.'


The outpost of Mekhem-bizru awaits your aid.

Objective 1

  • Talk to someone at Mekhem-bizru

Mekhem-bizru can be found just outside of the East Gate of Moria, in the Dimrill Dale.

You should speak to someone at Mekhem-bizru.

Alrekur 'Welcome, welcome! As you can see, all are welcome at Mekhem-bizru, where Elves and dwarves come together to face the enemies of Moria and Lorien.
' What can we do for you here? Your travels in Khazad-dûm must have wearied you.'