Quest:Forth the Toringas

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Forth the Toringas
Level 90
Type Solo
Starts with Tordag
Starts at Tordag's Camp
Start Region Broadacres
Map Ref [45.7S, 72.2W]
Ends with Torferth
Ends at Tordag's Camp
End Region Broadacres
Map Ref [45.7S, 72.2W]
Quest Group Tordag's Camp
Quest Chain Broadacres
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It is well, it seems. My people and my allies are prepared to stand with me and take back what belongs to Rohan!

'This day, we shall assault the Dunlendings at Torsbury and reclaim the town. Will you join my garrison, <name>? You have proven yourself a talented <class> and would be a boon to our efforts.'


After receiving your report regarding the forces arrayed against the Toringas, Thane Tordag has chosen to move forward with his plans to launch a counterassault against the Dunlendings who took control of Torsbury.

Objective 1

Tordag is at his camp, north of the road between Torsbury and Stoke.

Tordag has asked you to join his garrison as they assault the Dunlendings at Torsbury. You should speak with him when you are ready to join him.

Tordag: 'Are you ready to leave? Good, then let us bring our wrath upon those barbarians!'

Objective 2

Torferth is at Tordag's camp, north of the road between Torsbury and Stoke.

You should speak with Torferth to discuss the failure of the counterassault.

Torferth: '<name>, how fare you after the battle? I knew that we moved too quickly against Torsbury. As well, we should have foreseen the treachery that befell my father. There is no honour among the half-bloods.
'I beg your pardon, <name>, for it is not your doing, and I should not rail against you. My thanks for your services.'