Quest:Fly the Flags

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Creep-icon.png Fly the Flags
Faction Creep
Level 130
Type Fellowship
Starting Loc Tol Ascarnen
Start Quartermaster Apsduf [16.0S, 17.4W]
Ending Loc Tol Ascarnen
Ends Quartermaster Apsduf [16.0S, 17.4W]
Money Reward 13 Silver 44 Copper 
DP Reward 500 Destiny Points 
Repeatable Daily

Bestowal dialogue

'<race>, listen here. As the battle rages about us, we must remember that we serve the glory of the Great Eye and his servant Mordirith in the Army of Angmar. There is no better way to show our prowess in battle than to fly our standards when we take these fortresses!

'Our enemy tears down our flags and destroys them and materials are hard to find in this desolate land so we must hunt for the materials we need. Scattered throughout the land here, there are massive aurochs. Their hides are sizable and can easily be used to make the flags we need.

'Hunt them in packs and skin them for their hides.'


Angmar's command of the Ettenmoors is unquestioned but as the battle rages and the strongholds which the enemy and your army clash over change hands, the flags that show your dominance are taken and destroyed. You must assist the war-host by supplying your quartermasters with the necessary materials.

Objective 1

Thistledown aurochs can be found throughout the Ettenmoors.

Quartermaster Apsduf sent you into the wild to collect the hides of the mighty Thistledown aurochs. Their hides will be made into flags for Angmar's Army.

Objective 2

  • pending



  • 13 Silver 44 Copper 
  • 500 Destiny Points 
  • Reputation decrease-icon.png Increased Infamy ( 60 )

Walkthrough & Notes

The aurochs can be found south of Tol Ascarnen and west of the Elf Camp.