Quest:Fled to the South

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Fled to the South
Level 19
Type Solo
Starts with Sal Haywood
Starts at Old Barrows Road
Start Region Northern Barrow-downs
Map Ref [31.8S, 56.2W]
Ends with Edith Sweetrose or Bob Redthistle]
Ends at The Dead Man's Perch
End Region Northern Barrow-downs
Map Ref [32.1S, 53.9W]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Our forces were split when we entered the Barrow-downs and were set upon by wights, barghests, and all other manner of fell creatures here. Some followed myself, while the others headed south.

'There is a place where the hill rises high and separates the southern Barrow-downs from the northern Barrow-downs. It is called Dead man's Perch, and I pray that the name does not hold true.

'It overlooks southern Bree and is a flat area that we have oft camped at, if necessary, I pray you find the others there.'


Guides out of Bree-town hope that their allies and more of the folk who paid them to investigate the Barrow-downs survived and made it to a safe location in the south Barrow-downs.

Objective 1

Dead Man's Perch lies between the northern and southern Barrow-downs.

Sal Haywood asked you to search the Dead Man's Perch for the other guides out of Bree.

Sal Haywood: 'If the other made it then we must inform them that we are well. We must also do what we can to aide them as well.'
Edith Sweetrose: 'The others live? This news fills me with hope. Now, we must focus our efforts on helping these folks and seeing that we, too, can escape from this accursed place.'
Bob Redthistle: 'The others are alive! This news is pleasing. Though we still face great peril, we at least know that the others live.'