Quest:Fireworks in Bree

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Fireworks in Bree
Level ...
Type Solo
Repeatable Every 30 min (night-time only)
Starts with Winston Peartree
Starts at Bree Fireworks Area
Start Region Bree
Map Ref [29.1S, 52.2W]
Quest Chain Anniversary Event
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Welcome, one and all, to the annual Bree Fireworks Celebration!

'Step right up and become a part of the show! That's right, we want YOU to participate in the show...the more, the merrier!

'Take these fireworks and launch the correct one when it is called for. That's it...just be sure to watch carefully, so you don't set off the wrong one!'


Winston Peartree has orchestrated a fireworks show for the good folk of Bree.

Objective 1

  • Launch the correct firework (0/10)
  • Do not launch the wrong firework

The fireworks area is found near the North-gate of bree.

You should launch the correct fireworks as the conductor calls out the colour.

Festival Announcer says, "This is not the time for resting, launch your blue fireworks!"
Festival Announcer says, "Quickly launch a firework that's not green high into the sky!"
Festival Announcer says, "How about something besides blue? Launch it now!"
Festival Announcer says, "Send up a yellow firework, this is the perfect time for one!"
Festival Announcer says, "Let's dazzle the crowd with a firework that isn't blue!"
Festival Announcer says, "Send up anything except a green firework; this will be unexpected!"
Festival Announcer says, "This is not the time for red fireworks, but any other colour will do!"
Festival Announcer says, "How about a bright blue one? Launch it now!"

Objective 2

Winston Peartree is at the fireworks area near the North-gate of Bree.

You should talk to Winston Peartree about your performance in the fireworks show.

Winston: 'Well done, <name>! Your timing and coordination was perfect! I'm sure that everyone watching was thoroughly entertained.
'Please take this, as a thanks for your brilliant participation.'