Quest:Finding the Range

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Finding the Range
Level 72
Type Solo
Starts with Flag
Starts at Eorlsmead Tower
Start Region Great River
Map Ref [28.0S, 59.9W]
Quest Group Eorlsmead
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

This flag is used by archers to determine range and wind conditions of their target so that they can adjust their aim. Such flags are likely placed in the fields around the tower; you should look for them from the parapets.


You found a range-finding flag on the top of the tower. The placement of the others would provide useful information as to the vulnerability of the tower.

Objective 1

  • Stand at the edge of the parapets

The top of the Eorlsmead Tower will likely be a good vantage point.

From the top of the tower, you should look at the land around the tower for range-finding flags.

This is a good place to look for the flags
You can no longer see the fields beyond the tower
This is a good place to look for the flags
  • Look for the flags in the field below
The flags have been placed to the north and north-west
Gadda will be intrigued to hear that the defences are aimed against Stangard