Quest:Fate of the Black Rider

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Fate of the Black Rider
Level 10
Type Solo
Starts with Odovacar Bolger
Starts at Budgeford
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [31.0S, 65.5W]
Quest Group Shire
Quest Chain Spectre of the Black Rider
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Never fear! My hound, Veronica, will track down that "Black Rider" with just a sniff of his cloak. She's the best hunter in the Four Farthings! Maggot can talk up his Grip, Fang, and Wolf all he likes, but I'll stake Veronica against the pack of 'em!

'You just follow Veronica wherever she leads, and you'll see! She'll find that trespasser!'


Odovacar Bolger is certain the mystery of the trespasser in black will soon be resolved.

Objective 1

  • Follow Veronica to the "Black Rider"
  • Follow Veronica

Odovacar Bolger has lent you the services of his hound, Veronica, to track down the mysterious "Black Rider". He told you to follow Veronica wherever she lead, and she would find the trespasser.

Odovacar Bolger: 'I want you to find out who has been maxquerading around my sties!'
Veronica: Veronica snuffles at the cloak, sniffs the air for a moment, and then yips excitedly.
Greta Fallohide says, "Down, Veronica! What's got into you?"
Veronica runs back to Odovacar

Objective 2

Greta Fallohide is in Budgeford.

Veronica has led you to Greta Fallohide. Could she be the mysterious "Black Rider?"

Greta Fallohide: 'What? What Black Rider? Me? Of all the absurd...! Oh, this black cloak...yes, I have seen it before. I sewed it!
'I sewed that cloak for my good-for-nothing nephew, Fogo. Little thanks I got from him, too. If you want to speak with him, he's likely at The Golden Perch in Stock, cadging drinks.
'I wondered what that cloak was for. he acted so mysteriously about it. I'll take it back, thank you very much, and you go have a word with Fogo.'

Objective 3

Fogo Fallohide can be found at The Golden Perch in Stock, south-east of Budgeford.

Odovacar's Bolger's hound, Veronica, led you to Greta Fallohide, who told you she made the cloak for her nephew, Fogo. Fogo Fallohide is very likely the "Black Rider". You should seek him out.

Greta Fallohide: 'You go talk to my good-for-nothing nephew, Fogo, and ask him what he's been up to. You're sure to find him cadging drinks at The Golden Perch, down Stock way.'
Odovacar Bolger: 'One of those Fallohides is behind the fright? Which one?'
Fogo Fallohide: 'Ah well, I guess you've found out my little secrets. We thought it would be so much fun!
'See, I met this fellow a few days ago, while I was drinking, called himself "The Chief" he did. He said he was an old friend of Odo's, wanted to play a little joke on him. Told me to get black cloak and gave me some money to haunt Odovacar's farm by night.
'Well now! Surely you don't think I meant any harm! I never! That Chief fellow? I haven't seen him since, come to think of it. At least I got some spare money for beer out of it. Oh, yes...I promise not to do it again. Those wolves almost got me! I won't be running around at night anymore, that's for sure!'

Objective 4

Odovacar Bolger can be found at his home in the centre of Budgeford north of his pig sties.

You should return to Odovacar Bolger and let him know what you learned about the "Black Rider."

Fogo Fallohide: 'You go tell old Odovacar that I didn't mean any harm by it -- I just thought it would be a funny joke! Odo's probably at his house in the centre of Budgeford, north of his pig sties.'
Greta Fallohide: 'Shame on Fogo for scaring Mr. Bolger's pigs!'
Odovacar Bolger: 'I suppose it wouldn't be right to report that fool to the Shirriffs. But I wonder who this "Chief" might be, and why would he want to play this terrible joke on me? You don't suppose...that!
'Well, there's no way to prove anything, I guess, but if Lotho wants to buy my farm, he's have a long wait, let me tell you! It will take a lot more than this little "joke" before I let go of my land!
'Thank you kindly, for all your work. You may just have saved me from doing something very foolish. Please accept this small reward for your work.'