Quest:Fallen by the Wayside

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Fallen by the Wayside
Level 75
Type Solo
Starts with Fallen Rohirrim
Starts at Fang-rider's Warren
Start Region Nan Curunír
Map Ref [83.3S, 4.3W]
Ends with Dagoras
Ends at Dagoras' Camp
End Region Nan Curunír
Map Ref [84.8S, 3.5W]
Quest Group Isengard: Nan Curunír
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The body of a fallen Rohirrim soldier lies here, recently slain in battle. Grimbold had ordered that none of his warriors should enter Nan Curunír, so it is something of a mystery how this poor fellow came to his fate here.

There is no way you can return the fallen warrior's body to Grimbold's encampment, but if you could gather his effects, you have no doubt that they would be much appreciated. Unfortunately, they seem to have been scattered about in the chaos of whatever pursuit claimed his life.


You have found the body of a fallen Rohirrim scout in the southern part of the Vale of Nan Curunír.

Objective 1

The personal effects of the Rohirrim scout are sacttered about the area in Nan Curunír.

You should collect the personal effects of the fallen Rohirrim scout.

Objective 2

  • Bring the rider's effects to Dagoras at his camp in Nan Curunír

Dagoras is at his camp in Nan Curunír.

You should bring the fallen rider's personal effects to Dagoras.

Dagoras: 'What is this? The belongings of a fallen Rohirrim warrior...I see. I will see to it that Grimbold or one of his men receives these.
'I do not know what brought that warrior up here, though I suspect he was trying to find out where some of the horses stolen from the Rohirrim were taken.'