Quest:Faithful of the Sisters

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Faithful of the Sisters
Level 100
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Glathril
Starts at Erynos
Start Region Lebennin
Map Ref [80.2S, 32.7W]
Quest Group Lebennin
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'My folk have had much to think about since the Corsairs' assault was thwarted outside our gates...

'For my part, I have tried to convince my people of the importance of honouring our history. We ignored the stories of our ancestors for far too long, and I believe Lebennin has suffered for it. With your help, I would like to craft new baskets for the Sisters. The materials I need can be found about town, but you can leave the decoration to me!

'Let us pay tribute to the Sisters once again, and let their waters heal the wounds of this war.'


After finding their belief in the Sisters of Lebennin renewed, the people of Erynos wish to pay tribute to the Sisters of the Gilrain, Serni, and Sirith.

Objective 1

  • Collect baskets in Erynos (0/3)
  • Collect cloth in Erynos (0/3)
  • Collect flowers in Erynos (0/3)

Baskets, flowers, and cloth can be found in Erynos in eastern Lebennin.

Glathril has asked you to gather materials so that she might craft tribute baskets for the Sisters of Lebennin.

Collected baskets in Erynos (3/3)
Collected cloth in Erynos (3/3)
Collected flowers in Erynos (3/3)

Objective 2

  • Deliver the materials to Glathril in Erynos

Glathril can be found in Erynos in eastern Lebennin.

You have gathered all the materials that Glathril requested, and you should now return them to her.

Glathril: 'Thank you, <name>. I'll just need a few moments to put all of this together.'
Glathril sets to work on decorating and filling the baskets.
'There! They are finished. Now, I would ask that you bring a basket to the Gilrain, the Serni, and our own river, the Sirith.
'The Sisters are worthy of such tribute, and I will see that all of our folk honour the history of Lebennin.'

Objective 3

  • Bring a tribute basket to the Gilrain
  • Bring a tribute basket to the Serni
  • Bring a tribute basket to the Sirith

A basket can be delivered into the waters of the Gilrain to the west of Malbarth, near a waterfall along the Serni east of Ost Anglebed, and into the Sirith to the south-east of Erynos.

Glathril has crafted the baskets and has asked you to deliver them into the rivers of Lebennin.

This is a good spot to place the basket
Roamingstar says, "You honour me and my people with these gifts, <name>."
Roamingstar says, "It is good to see you once again, <name>."
Grey-eye says, "Do not mistake my curiosity for appreciation, <race>."
Truetongue says, "The people of Lebennin have put their faith in you, <class>."
Truetongue says, "You honour me, <class>. I hope that our paths shall cross again in the days to come."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Glathril in Erynos

Glathril can be found in Erynos in eastern Lebennin.

You have delivered the tribute baskets into the Gilrain, Serni, and Sirith, and should now return to Glathril.

Glathril: 'Thank you for your aid, <name>.
'I know the journey may have been long, but the people of Lebennin offer you their deepest thanks in helping us to honour the Sisters - no matter where they have gone to now.
'If you would aid me again on the morrow, I would be grateful.'