Quest:Expedition: Disrupting Communication

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Expedition: Disrupting Communication
Level 61
Type Solo
Starts with Ivorel
Starts at Echad Sirion
Start Region Mirkwood
Map Ref [15.1S, 61.4W]
Quest Group Mirkwood
Quest Chain Mirkwood Landing
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I have a little challenge for you, <name>! Do you see all of those Orc-fortifications out there? They communicate with each other through trained runners -- goblins, usually -- who carry messages from one to another. Defeat those messengers, and their communication will be disrupted.

'If you are fortunate, you might even capture a message or two from them, though they usually memorize the information they are supposed to deliver to avoid such issues.

'When you have done as I have asked, return to me here.'


Communication between the Orc-fortifications scattered across the Mirk-eaves are handled by goblin-runners who rush messages from one to another. The defeat of these runners not only would cut the encampments off from each other, but may result in the interception of important information about the Enemy's movements.

Objective 1

Goblin-runners can be found throughout the Mirk-eaves.

Ivorel has asked you to intercept and defeat the goblin-runners that carry messages from camp to camp in the Mirk-eaves.

Ivorel: 'In recent years, my scouts have kept a watchful eye upon Dol Guldur, and inthe past, the Lord and Lady have forbiden any assault upon it, believing the risk of defeat too great should our forces prove unable to tumble its obsidian walls.
'What councel has changed their minds, I wonder? It must have something to do with our recent visitors from afar.'

Objective 2

Ivorel is at Echad Sirion, on the eastern banks of the Anduin.

You should return to Ivorel with news of your success.

Ivorel: 'So, were you able to learn anything from the goblin-runners? No?
'Do not fret. They are rarely entrusted with anything of import, and this stage of the battle should not last long enough for anything we learned from them to matter much.
'Our main goal is to cut them off from each other and leave them disorganized, and in that, you have performed admirably.'