Quest:Entangled Elves

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Entangled Elves
Level 64
Type Solo
Starts with Miluimil
Starts at Ivorel's Camp
Start Region Mirkwood
Map Ref [12.4S, 50.9W]
Quest Group Mirkwood
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Greetings, <name>. You have not come at a particularly auspicious time. Most of our number is already lost to us out in the lands that we call the Scuttledells.

'We were sent out to scout the terrain but a few days ago, but only a few of our small company have yet returned, and they tell of twisted ravines crawling with evil things. To the north, in particular, are the spiders that give this place its name, and it is there that I believe several of our comrades have been ensnared by the spiders.

'There may yet be time to free them before they are slain, if we are fortunate. Can you assist with this deed?'


A number of Ivorel's scouts have not returned from their mission in the Scuttledells. Miluimil saw some of them entrapped by the spiders to the north.

Objective 1

  • Free Elves from the cocoons (0/4)

The ensnared Elves may be found in the nests of the spiders to the north of Ivorel's camp.

Miluimil has asked you to set forth to free his ensnared companions.

Wounded Elf says, "Could you not have come a bit sooner? One of those spiders was nipping at my toes not a few minutes ago."
Wounded Elf says, "No, nevermind, I am just grateful to be free. I will meet you back at the camp!"
Wounded Elf says, "Eternal thanks to you, my good <race>!"
Wounded Elf says, "I shall quit these ravines may want to do the same."
Wounded Elf says, "My thanks, friend. I fear I would have made a fine meal for some spider's brood shortly."
Wounded Elf says, "Now, which way was it...right or left? I had best sort it out before they catch me again!"
Wounded Elf says, "Ah, I could barely breathe in there."
Wounded Elf says, "I will find my way back to camp...are any of the others still caught out here?"
Wounded Elf says, "Uhn...the poison has made me ill...."
Wounded Elf says, "Do not concern yourself with me...I will make it back to the others."

Objective 2

Miluimil is at Ivorel's camp, south of the spider-nests.

You should speak with Miluimil and tell him that the scouts have been freed.

Miluimil: 'It appears that some of the scouts did not survive...I had feared as much, but at least you were able to rescue most of them.

'Unfortunately, even among those who returned, most were too ill from the spiders' venom and their entrapment to continue, and I had to send them back to Ost Galadh to recover.

'Could I have you stay here for a while longer to aid us? The Scuttledells are too dangerous for us to leave unattended while facing the forces in Dol Guldur.'