Quest:Edoras: Wayfarer's Bread

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Edoras: Wayfarer's Bread
Level 87
Type Solo
Starts with Léodferth
Starts at Edoras
Start Region Edoras
Map Ref [61.5S, 71.4W]
Ends with Remote Quest Advance
Quest Group Edoras
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I know that Lady Éowyn has promised that there will be food enough for all, but the folk in these parts of town will not be satisfied with that. They oft go hungry when their crops fail, or their stores run empty.

'Would you be so good as to make some Wayfarer's bread and hand it out to them? It is not a difficult recipe, and I know they will sleep easier with food to hold them over.'

NOTE: Edoras quests must be completed before the Evacuation of Edoras takes place.


Though Éowyn has promised food for all, the poorer townspeople of Edoras will feel more secure with travelling rations in their hands.

NOTE: Edoras quests must be completed before the Evacuation of Edoras takes place.

Objective 1

  • Bake Wayfarer's Bread (0/5)

The oven of eastern Edoras can be found near the eastern gate of the city.

You should bake rations of Wayfarer's bread for the poorer people of Edoras.

Baked Wayfarer's Bread (5/5)

Objective 2

  • Deliver the bread to people without food (0/5)

Townspeople who are worried about food can be found throughout eastern Edoras.

You should deliver the bread to townspeople without food to bring with them.

Townsperson: 'Is this truly for me? Thank you! I do not remember the last time a stranger has been so kind to me.'
Townsperson: 'Bread? And still hot from the oven, too. It is a great gift that will feed my children when they are hungry. Thank you, stranger!'
Townsperson: 'Oh! Is this for us? Thank you so much, kind stranger. I did not know what we would be eating on our journey, and it is a long walk....'
Townsperson: 'What is this? Wayfarer's bread, fresh from the oven? You have eased many cares by putting this gift in my hands, stranger. I cannot thank you enough!'
Townsperson: 'What a kind <race> you are! I have no way to repay you for this, but you have a friend in me, always.'
Delivered bread (5/5)

Objective 3

  • Completed

Thanks to you, the hungry townspeople of Edoras now have fresh Wayfarer's Bread to sate their hunger on their journey to Dunharrow.