Quest:Edoras: A Last Look Around

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Edoras: A Last Look Around
Level 87
Type Solo
Starts with Witwyn
Starts at Meduseld
Start Region Edoras
Map Ref [62.4S, 72.8W]
Ends with Éowyn
Ends at Edoras
End Region Edoras
Map Ref [62.0S, 72.8W]
Quest Group Edoras
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'We are nearly ready to lock up the hall, but it would be most helpful if someone could take a look around the upper floors and the rafters before we leave.

'You look like you're fond of stairs. Why don't you climb up and have a look around?'


Witwyn has asked you to take a last look around the great hall of Meduseld before it is closed up and abandoned for Dunharrow.

Objective 1

  • Look around the second and third floors

The second and third floors can be found in Meduseld, the great hall in Edoras.

You should climb the stairs to the higher floors and have a last look around.

Your foot catches on a loose floorboard

Objective 2

  • Examine the loose floorboard

The loose floorboard can be found on the third floor of Meduseld.

You should examine the loose floorboard.

You find some opened letters hidden away in the floor

Objective 3

  • Bring the letter to Éowyn

Éowyn stands on the steps of Meduseld, looking out upon Edoras.

You have found an opened letter in the loose floorboards in Meduseld, and should bring it to Éowyn at once.

Dear Father:

'Dear Father,
The battle at the Fords goes badly, and we have lost many men. The forces of Isengard have forced an opening, and our next stand may well be our last. I write to implore you to look to our defences, and to raise all the might of Rohan. I know that we have had our disagreements of late, but father...these may be the last words I ever say to you:
I say to you, Wormtongue's counsel is not right. The Fords are falling. Saruman is attacking, and Rohan is in great peril.

Éowyn: 'A letter to my uncle from Théodred! Let me see.'

Éowyn reads the letter with interest.
'Wormtongue...he must have hidden this when it arrived. A plea such as this would have opened my uncle's eyes. It is from his son on the eve of the battle that took his life...
'Gríma must have known that such a message would have stirred the king from his spell. He must have been keeping it for a later time, as suited his needs.'