Quest:Culling the Flame

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Culling the Flame
Level 33
Type Solo
Starts with Lúgethir
Starts at Tyl Ruinen
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [11.8S, 72.0W]
Quest Group Evendim
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'I know Humphrey thinks this is all manageable, but the situation has become dire. That should be clear to anyone.

'We need to reduce the number of salamanders roaming around here...indeed they are an evil breed of draconic nature. Very little of the natural fauna remains...a few turtles on the northern shore, and that is all. The salamanders have nearly devastated everythig else.

'Grant me a favour and drive off a few of the beasts. Hopefully, that will reduce their numbers enough to allow the natural fauna to return.'


The island of Tyl Ruinen has been overrun with salamanders.

Objective 1

Salamanders can be found all over Tyl Ruinen.

Lúgethir asked you to defeat several salamanders around Tyl Ruinen, hoping to contain their numbers.

Objective 2

Lúgethir is at Humphrey Rumming's camp on Tyl Ruinen.

Lúgethir will be pleased to hear the number of salamanders has been reduced.

Lúgethir: 'I know you defeated a number of them, but I think you are right...I do not believe it made a difference either.'