Quest:Crafting: Artisan Cook

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Crafting: Artisan Cook
Level 1
Type Solo
Starts with Any Expert Cook vendor
Ends with Jewel Underhill
Ends at Michel Delving's Craft-fair
End Region The Shire
Map Ref [34.6S, 75.5W]
Quest Group Crafting
Profession Cook
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You have been sent to me at an important time in your journey as a crafter, <name>. As I'm sure you've noticed, you are very close to becoming an artisan cook.

'Artisans can no longer execute their recipes at ordinary ovens; instead, they must use the superior oven, like this one beside me.

'Before granting you access to artisan recipes, I want to make sure that you are truly proficient as an expert. I would like you to execute three recipes and deliver the goods you make to folk who have need of it. They will tell me if what you make is evidence that you have achieved true proficiency as an expert.'


You have been sent to an expert crafting vendor to have your own expertise appraised before moving on to artisanship.

Objective 1

The crafting recipes you must create can be found in your crafting panel.

You should craft the three recipes required by Jewel Underhill for your growth as a Cook.

Jewel Underhill: 'You need to make hard tack rations, strawberry pie-filling, and beef stew.'
You have cooked hard tack rations
You have cooked strawberry pie-filling
You have cooked beef stew

Objective 2

Hobbits in need of the food you cooked can be found throughout Michel Delving.

You should bring your cooked goods to the hobbits in Michel Delving.

Jewel Underhill: 'Take the hard tack rations to Odo Pipes, the strawberry pie-filling to Ned Diggins, and the beef stew to Carlo Blagrove.'
Ned Diggins: 'Oh, how wonderful! I needed this delivery because I ate my wife's pie-filling, you see. I needed to replace it quickly. I hope she doesn't notice. Usually I eat the pie-crusts, but I do so love strawberry-pie!
'That strawberry-filling really does smell most remarkable. May...may I have a taste?'
Odo Pipes: 'I haven't eaten in a full two hours! My friends were supposed to sup with me, but they need to find me first. I'm the best hider in all the Shire, you see, so it may be a while yet before I can take my meal.
'Thank you most kindly for this bite! I was near to collapsing from hunger.'
Carlo Blagrove: 'I have a hungry patron who ordered beef stew, but I'm all out! Thank you so much for delivering this, <name>. I hear you are a very skilled cook...well on your way to surpassing expert level, even! It looks delicious.'

Objective 3

Jewel Underhill can be found in the Crafting Area of Michel Delving.

You should return to Jewel Underhill with the news that your cooked foods were greatly appreciated by the local hobbits.

Ned Diggins: 'Oh dear, I've eaten my wife's pies. Don't tell her!'
Odo Pipes: 'This will tide me over until my friends find me.'
Carlo Blagrove: 'That beef stew was delicious…I've told Jewel as much.'
Jewel Underhill: 'I've heard such wonderful things about you from Ned, Carlo, and Odo! They said your food was the best they've tasted all week, and that's saying something. Hobbits sample many fine foods, and often. You have impressed me, <name>. I believe you are ready to advance as an artisan cook.'