Quest:Chapter 7.7: The Hidden Chamber

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Chapter Chapter 7.7: The Hidden Chamber
Level 117
Type Solo
Starts with Durin
Starts at Járnfast
Ends with Náin the Slakeless
Ends at Khîl's Home
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 7
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I am ready to return to the Lonely Mountain with you, <name>. I understand there is to be another dwarf travelling with us? Yes, Authi Gem-cutter. Where is he to be found?

'The Quenching Trough? You are welcome to go there and retrieve him, friend. I have spent more than enough time within those walls, and do not desire to spend any more. Now my thirst can only be quenched by battle and glory, and that lies beyond Járnfast!

'I will meet up with you after you have found Authi.'


Satisfied with his efforts against the Jangovar in the Ironfold, Durin is now ready to return to the Lonely Mountain with you, but first you need to find Authi Gem-cutter and make sure he is ready to go home.

Objective 1

Authi Gem-cutter is in the Quenching Trough.

Khîl: 'Oh! <name>! My friend! I have discovered something most unusual!'
Authi: 'Have you come to save me, <name>? I simply wanted a drink in peace, but Khîl has come here and will not stop bothering me! Will you help him with whatever nonsense he is chattering about?'

Objective 2

  • Talk to Khîl in the Quenching Trough

Khîl is in the Quenching Trough, quite distraught.

Khîl: 'I have been cleaning out my father's house, <name>, and I... well, I found something unusual. I have no friends here in Járnfast save for you, so there is nowhere else for me to turn!
'Will you come help me make sense of this? Please tell me you will!'

Objective 3

  • Talk to Khîl and travel to his father's home

Khîl is in the Quenching Trough, quite distraught.

Authi: 'You might as well go with him, <name>. After you see whatever has him so worked up we can set out for our return to the Lonely Mountain.'
Khîl: 'You'll come see? Good, good! I really appreciate this, my friend!'
Complete instance The Hidden Chamber

Objective 4

Náin is in the hidden chamber in Khîl's home in Járnfast.

Náin: 'What does this mean? For how long has this chamber remained hidden right beneath our very noses? I do not like secrets in my city, <name>, especially when those secrets come from the land of Mordor.'