Quest:Chapter 3: Nona's Request

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Chapter 3: Nona's Request
Level 65
Type Solo
Starts with Candaith
Starts at Nan Laeglin
Start Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [66.4S, 16.2W]
Ends with Halbarad
Ends at Lhanuch
End Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [66.6S, 17.3W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 3
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'These worries endanger our haste; we must not tarry overlong. But I would not forget the pains of those we have encountered along the way.

'The Uch-lûth girl who helped us as we came to Lhanuch: Nona. She lost her brother Wadu, ambushed by a hostile Dunlending clan, and she must be feeling the grief most keenly. Please go to her in the north-east corner of Lhanuch and lend whatever comfort you can.

'I do not want the Grey Company to wear blinders like those Erebrandir wore in his youth, before he was befriended by Saeradan. We must be aware of the hurts happening around us and do what we can to help.'


Nona, the Dunlending girl you helped beneath Zudrugund, has been mourning the death of her brother Wadu, and Candaith wants to make sure she is comforted.

Objective 1

Nona is in the northeastern corner of Lhanuch.

Candaith has asked you to check on Nona to see how she is dealing with the death of her brother.

Candaith: 'We need the friendship of the Uch-lûth if we are to pass peacefully through Enedwaith into Dunland. Please check on Nona and see how she is dealing with the death of her brother. She is in the northeastern corner of Lhanuch.'
Nona: 'What is it you want?'
Nona laughs, a harsh and humorless sound.
'Concern? Do not be concerned for me. I was lost after the death of my brother, but that was before I learned of the glory he had attained before his death. Those who slew him were right to do so from hiding; they must have been able to sense that he had become a great warrior and would have bested them.
'There was a tree Wadu loved, atop a rise by the ox-pens, west of Lhanuch. I left his sword there, to honor his memory, but I think he would rather I used it to attain even half the glory he did. Go to the tree and bring me the sword.'

Objective 2

  • Recover the sword from Wadu's favorite tree

Wadu's favourite tree is on a rise west of Lhanuch, overlooking the ox-pens.

Nona has asked you to recover the Rohirrim sword she left at Wadu's favourite tree. It was found with Wadu's body and she thought to leave it there as a remembrance, but has changed her mind.

Nona: 'Go to Wadu's favourite tree and recover his sword, <name>. I have changed my mind. Wadu would want me to use the sword, as he did. It should not go unused. The tree is on a rise overlooking the ox-pens, west of Lhanuch.'
Suvulch: 'Nona...told me...about the mighty gwiber. The one he...the one my son killed. I did not think he had the spirit for that.'
Suvulch falls silent and does not speak again.
Collected Wadu's sword

Objective 3

  • Bring Wadu's sword to Nona in the northeast corner of Lhanuch

Nona is in the northeastern corner of Lhanuch.

You have recovered the sword from Wadu's favourite tree and should now bring it to Nona as she requested.

Suvulch: Suvulch remains downcast, lost in thought.
Nona: 'Thank you for bringing me my brother's sword, <name>. It was a sword of Rohan, true, but to my eyes it is no longer the weapon of my people's ancient enemies. It is now my brother's sword with which he slew the mightiest gwiber anyone has ever seen, and I will use it in his memory.'
Nona nods sternly and looks around the huts of Lhanuch.
'I have a request, <name>. Go to the leader of your company, the man called Halbarad, who has spoken at length with Glynn Brenin, and tell him that I will go with your people when they leave Lhanuch. It is my desire to avenge the death of my brother on the enemies of the Uch-lûth and on the Wizard Saruman, and our road lies together for a little while. Your man Halbarad is in Lhanuch, is he not?'

Objective 4

Halbarad is in Lhanuch, among the huts on the western side of the village.

Nona has asked to accompany the Grey Company when it departs Lhanuch and travels south.

Nona: 'The man named Halbarad leads your company, does he not? Tell him I will go with your Rangers when they depart Lhanuch. He is just to the west of here in the village, I am sure of it.'
Halbarad: 'What is it? The Uch-lûth woman has a request?'
Halbarad listens as you recount Nona's desire to travel with the Grey Company, but his response is quick and unyielding.
'No, absolutely not. This I must refuse. This is not open for debate.'
Halbarad shakes his head.
'But there is something urgent, <name>. Radanir found something.'