Quest:Chapter 2: What Gorothúl Left Behind

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Chapter 2: What Gorothúl Left Behind
Level 60
Type Solo
Starts with Issuriel
Starts at Cerin Amroth
Start Region Lothlórien
Map Ref [11.9S, 67.9W]
Ends with Bróin
Ends at The Peaceful Path
End Region Durin's Way
Map Ref [2.9S, 107.2W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 8
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Much of Mazog's ramblings in the depths of Rushdurinul could have been empty bluster, the boasting and threats of a caged animal. But one thing he said troubles me more than any other: the revelation that the reward he seeks is the rule of another kingdom. Long have the Orcs and the dwarves battled in the caverns beneath the Misty Mountains, and the lineage of Mazog has been at the forefront of that conflict.

'If Mazog, son of Azog and brother of Bolg, has decided to abandon rule of Moria, it can only be because he feels Moria will no longer be fit to rule. What great evil must his ally Gorothúl have set into motion in the depths that could so devastate that vast kingdom and make it unfit even for the rule of Orcs?

'Return to Gwathrendath in the Foundations of Stone and speak with Lenglammel and Forglinn there. They have spent a great deal of time in the depths and may know something about what we might be facing.'


Issuriel worries that the words of Mazog may reveal a hidden threat to the Elves of Lothlórien and the Dwarves of Moria.

Objective 1

Lenglammel and Forglinn can be found in Gwathrendath, the Elf-outpost in the depths of the Foundations of Stone, in Moria.

Issuriel believes that Gorothúl may have set into motion some evil that might ravage Moria in such a way that even Mazog is seeking another kingdom to rule.

Lenglammel: 'It is good to see you again, <name>, for I share the concerns of Issuriel: there is more to Gorothúl's interest in Moria than we have so far uncovered.
'Great terrors dwell in the deep places, this we know, for you have faced several of them: nameless beasts that fear the light of the sun, but also the servants of the great spirit that reigned in Moria and ended the dwarf-kingdom. The Balrog of Moria now is defeated, but at the cost of Mithrandir's life and the vast extent of his power.
'But the servants of the Shadow and the Flame were defeated not by the power of Mithrandir, but by your courage and that of your allies. Take no offence at this, <name>, but your abilities do not begin to approach that of the Wizard. I fear that your defeat of the servants of Durin's Bane may not have the permanence afforded that of their master's defeat.'
You have the ability to tell discuss certain information with Lenglammel through quest comments at the bottom of her screen.
What do you think Gorothúl has done?
'I am not entirely sure. We were not aware of his presence before your encounter with him at Zabadgathol; if he had a purpose beyond strengthening the loyalty of the Orcs to his Master, he would have had the time to accomplish it. My instincts tell me he may have ... marked... locations of interest in some way, made them somehow a draw for the spirits of evil that gather in the deep places.
'The servants of the great spirit that ruled in Moria for so long hunger to come forth. I fear Gorothúl may have devised some means of showing these servants the way.'
"This rings true."
Can these servants not be defeated?
'The servants of the Balrog that ruled in Moria are not as powerful as their master, but they were there in the beginning, during the long dark before the world became as we know it. Unless a greater power than any we possess intervenes, they will be there in the end. You might defeat them for a moment, serving to weaken the forms they wear, but over time they will grow in strength and ferocity. If Gorothúl has somehow lit a beacon for these beings, that they may find their way back to these halls, then it is already too late. There can be no lasting victory against them for so long as Gorotohúl's mark lasts.'
"We must end it."

Forglinn: 'Your words confirm what I have been hearing from Lenglammel and Magor, <name>: Gorothúl set something in motion before he left for Dol Guldur with the captive dwarves and the mithril axe of the Iron Garrison.
'Did he work some evil to allow the servants of Shadow and Flame to recover their strength and return to places once thought free of their danger?'
You have the ability to tell discuss certain information with Forglinn through quest comments at the bottom of his screen.
I will tell you the words of Mazog.
Forglinn listens intently as you recount the words spoken by the Orc-king within Rushdurinul. When he next speaks his face is grim.
'I think Mazog was speaking the truth, my friend. I do not know very much about the war of the Orcs and the Dwarves, but I do know this: the son of Azog would not abandon the rule of Moria unless he believed it would become unfit even for his own kind. Years ago, his brother led the Orc army to Erebor, and died there. Mazog is the only surviving heir of Azog, and would consider the rule of Moria his birth-right. Only a great terror like Gwathnor, or several of the Caeryg, could devastate Moria in such a way that Mazog would be disinterested in controlling it.'
'What you have told me truly came from the Orc leader?
"His words. All."
How could Gwathnor possibly return?
'Few only in Middle-earth possess the power to destroy Gwathnor for good. I believe Mithrandir could have, had he not fallen in battle with its master. Few others, and none in Moria, though Gwathnor itself is a lesser spirit and of low rank among its kind. If Gorothúl devised some means of showing Gwathnor the way back to these halls, I fear it might be very possible for it to return when its strength does.'
"I understand."
Grawulun seemed to be no threat.
'We know little of the Caeryg, but it seems they feed upon the earth in some way, drawing strength from the very stone. Grawulun is known to the Elves, and his is a name of dread. His was a weakened state in Buzun-ghâr, but if he is able to return and remain undetected for too long a time...
'Let us hope that does not happen. The few scrolls that refer to Grawulun refer to him in the plural. I hope that is merely an error, and not a troubling reference to Grawulun's full strength.
'The more quickly we discover Grawulun's return, if indeed he does, the better for us all. His return could have terrible consequences.'
"I cannot allow it."

Objective 2

Bróin is in the Peaceful Path, located off Durin's Way.

The Elves in Gwathrendath agree with Issuriel's assessment that Gorothúl set some evil into motion before leaving for Dol Guldur. Bróin should be notified of this, for it concerns the Iron Garrison and may affect his plans for the rescue of Bori.

Forglinn: 'Bróin remains still in the Peaceful Path, the place of rest established by the Iron Garrison off Durin's Way. You should speak to him about this new danger we suspect is growing, for it will affect his planned rescue of Bori.'
Lenglammel: 'You go to speak with Bróin about this new danger? I am glad; he must deal with the possibility that all is not well within Moria before setting forth to rescue his cousin Bori.
'Bróin is in the Peaceful Path, located along Durin's Way.'
Bróin: 'I had hoped to see you again on the shores of Anduin, <name>, well on our way to exchanging the Orc-king for my cousin Bori's freedom, but it was not yet to be. The Elves of Gwathrendath are right: Gorothúl seems to have set some plan into motion here in Khazad-dûm.
'After you returned to Lothlórien to speak with Celeborn, Orvar went back into the depths of Buzun-ghâr. He said he had a "feeling," some idea that things were not quite right. The wilting rot was already beginning to retreat, but he felt still some vile presence, and below the ledge where you handily defeated Grawulun the Caerog, Orvar discovered a dreadful ward covered in unspeakable runes. He sensed it calling, calling into the depths, and smote it with his axe until it was destroyed.
'I believe Gorothúl left this relic in Buzun-ghâr in order to draw Grawulun the Caerog to it, <name>. Grawulun did not find that place accidentally, friend <class>. He was drawn there.'