Quest:Chapter 2: Gléowine

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Chapter 2: Gléowine
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Horn
Starts at Entwade
Start Region Sutcrofts
Map Ref [56.0S, 64.3W]
Ends at Horn
End Region Snowbourn
Map Ref [61.0S, 62.2W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 10
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'See how the wooden frame has been splintered? My master's harp was trampled by heavy feet, and the strings cut. It could be repaired, given enough time and the right materials. Might the same be true of my master? Gléowine is not a young man, and he never was much of a warrior. With his dismissal fresh in his mind, did he stumble upon that thrall of Saruman's and meet his end?'

Horn sadly studies the broken harp.

'I cannot think this way, <name>. He could still have escaped that fate and made his way to a settlement. Snowbourn is not far from here to the south-east. We should go there and ask for sign of my master.'


Horn is worried about the fate of his master Gléowine, whose broken and battered harp you found in the clutches of one of Saruman's minions.

Objective 1

  • Talk to a guard at the entrance or stables of Snowbourn about Gléowine

Guards at the entrance of Snowbourn or its stables may have seen Gléowine, if he lives.

Horn hopes that his master Gléowine found his way safely to Snowbourn, despite much evidence to the contrary.

Colenan: 'I'm sorry, but I have not seen anyone of that description. There have been many ragged folk streaming into Snowbourn of late; it is possible your friend came in a crowd and I just did not see him.
'You might try south of here, by the barracks. There was a disturbance there earlier today, what with all these new people in town. Could be you'll find your friend there.'
Drytwald: 'No, that description is not familiar to me. There have been many ragged folk streaming into Snowbourn of late, but I do not think I have seen your friend.
'You might try south-west of here, by the barracks. There was a disturbance there earlier today, what with all these new people in town. Could be you'll find your friend there.
'I'm willing to wager he did not come to Snowbourn by horse while I was here. I am sorry.'

Objective 2

  • Search for Gléowine near the barracks in Snowbourn

The guard with whom you spoke did not recognise Gléowine from your description, but advised you to look for him near the barracks in Snowbourn, where many of the recent arrivals in the city have congregated.

An overpowering smell of ale greets you as you approach the drunken man

Objective 3

  • Talk to Gléowine by the barracks in Snowbourn

You have found Gléowine in Snowbourn, but he is very drunk.

Gléowine: You have found Gléowine. He is alive, but very, very drunk.
'Hey, Stay out of way, you? Hey!' he slurs.
With that effort expended, Gléowine drifts back into his stupor.

Objective 4

  • Talk to Alhild, near Gléowine at the barracks

Alhild is near Gléowine by the barracks in Snowbourn.

You have found Gléowine, but you need him to sober up before he will be of any use to anyone. Perhaps Alhild can be of help.

Alhild: 'Is that your friend? He has been deep in his cups since yesterday, and will be of no use to anyone until he crawls out of them again. I have a few remedies that might speed the process, if you'd like to try one. One of them involves a mixture of honey and water, another involves the chewing of almonds, and I have heard that a poultice made of raw swamp cabbage can ease drunkenness when rubbed on one's forehead. Perhaps one of those will help.'
She considers Gléowine once more before continuing. 'Actually, he is pretty drunk. You might need all of them. I can tell you where to find these remedies, if you have a moment.'

Objective 5

  • Collect a Snowbourn honeycomb
  • Obtain a bladder of water from Heiu
  • Collect a handful of Snowbourn almonds
  • Pick some swamp cabbage (0/4)

Alhild knows where around Snowbourn to collect the ingredients for the various drunkenness remedies she mentioned.

Alhild has further information about the remedies she suggested
Would you like to know some remedies for drunkenness? I know them all!
Where can I find clean water?
"There is a well just to the north-east of the barracks. Tak to Heiu and she will give you a bladder of water, I do not doubt."
You mentioned honey?
"You can find some honeycombs produced by Snowbourn honeybees behind the tavern, located just to the east. No one will mind if you take some of the honey."
I see
Where can I find almonds?
"Almonds come from the trees around here, but need not pick them yourself. You'll find a bucket to them inside the kitchens, to the north-east."
I understand
What sort of cabbage, did you say?
You'll want to look for swamp cabbages, just to the west of Snowbourn, by the river. I do not know what special properties this sort of cabbage possesses, but my father always swore by its use as a remedy for drunkenneess.
You'll just smear the cabbage leaves on your friend's forehead.
That will not be a problem, will it?

You need to collect the ingredients necessary to relieve Gléowine's drunkenness.

Heiu: 'Yes, I can give you a bladder of water. I have been drawing water for all of the thirsty new arrivals in Snowbourn. It is the least I can do.'
Heiu hands you a bladder of cool, refreshing water
You reach into the bucket and pull out a handful of almonds
You remove a comb of dripping, delicious honey
You pick the most pungent leaves from the cabbage (0/4)

Objective 6

  • Give the honey, water, almonds, and cabbage to Gléowine to ease his drunken state

Gléowine is by the barracks in Snowbourn.

You have obtained the ingredients for several drunkenness remedies and should now apply them to Gléowine in order to sober him up.

Alhild: 'You found all the ingredients for the drunkenness remedies? Well, you should apply them to your friend there. I think he needs them.'
Corudan: 'Gléowine lives, <name>! Perhaps we should have just followed the smell.'
Horn: 'My master Gléowine is alive! He is deep in his cups, but I cannot say I blame him his despair. I am just glad to see he lives!'
Gléowine: 'Hey...hey, what are...are...'
Gléowine blinks up at you with bleary, red eyes. You offer him water infused with honey, which he drinks easily.
'This mead...tastes a bit...a bit...watery...'
You then give him the almonds to chew on, but at first bite he spits them out. 'Ugh, what...what ish thish?' he slurs at you, sensing betrayal.
You then rub the cabbage leaves on his forehead and he sputters angrily. 'Are you trying...poison me...?' he demands.
The remedies seem to have had little effect on Gléowine, save to make him angry.

Objective 7

  • Talk to Horn by the barracks in Snowbourn

Horn is by his master Gléowine, outside the barracks in Snowbourn.

You have found Gléowine and attempted to ease his drunkenness with Alhild's remedies, but none of them seem to have worked. Now Horn wants to speak with you.

Gléowine: Gleowine spits and splutters, choking on almonds and honeyed water, and wipes the green smear of raw cabbage from his forehead. He says nothing, though his actions speak loudly of his fondness for you.
Horn: 'I suppose these remedies were worth trying, but in my experience time has always been the only sure curative.'
Horn looks at his master's drunken form and sighs.
'I cannot blame him, <name>. He has experienced a great deal of suffering in recent days.'