Quest:Chapter 2: A Greater Power

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Chapter 2: A Greater Power
Level 59
Type Solo
Starts with Glúmur
Starts at Nud-melek
Start Region Nud-melek
Map Ref [9.1S, 101.5W]
Ends with Bori
Ends at The Chamber of Leadership
End Region Zelem-melek
Map Ref [6.5S, 105.4W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 5
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'But enough about Bróin. With all that he has been through, he deserves his rest and I do not want to disturb his peace of mind by telling him all the details of our efforts in Zabadgathol.

'I am curious about the last words of those servants of Mazog, the Pûlpum guards that you defeated. Someone seems to be in league with Mazog, but to what end?

'Return to Zabadgathol, and search that place for treasure coffers. I want to learn more about Mazog's mysterious ally.'


Glúmuris curious about the last utterances of Mazog's servants, the loyal Pûlpum, and wants you to learn if there is some truth in their dying words.

Objective 1

Zabadgathol is in Nud-melek.

Glúmur has asked you to return to Zabadgathol, Mazog's fortress within Nud-melek, and to search the area for treasure coffers that might point to the identity of his mysterious ally.

Glúmur: 'You remember where Zabadgathol is, <name>, I am sure: in Nud-melek! Search the place for treasure coffers that may tell us about Mazong's mysterious ally.'

Objective 2

  • Bring treasure coffers to Bori

Bori is in the Chamber of Leadership off the Twenty-first Hall in Zelem-melek.

You have recovered some treasure coffers from Zabadgathol and should bring them to Bori for his examination.

Bori: 'You have returned with the treasure coffers? Good, good. Let us have a look inside.'
Bori opens a coffer and appears very surprised by what he sees inside.
'These are no mere trinkets, but powerful and valuable relics. Look at this, and this! Evil-looking, to be sure, and wreathed with cruel sigils. And two runes: D.G.
'Oh is worse than I thought! Mazog's mysterious benefactor hails from Dol Guldur, in the depths of Mirkwood! This bodes ill, very ill indeed!'