Quest:Chapter 2: A First Furtive Foray

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Chapter 2: A First Furtive Foray
Level 110
Type Solo
Starts with Pippin
Starts at Tham Periain
Start Region Tham Periain
Ends with [[]]
Ends at [[]]
Quest Chain Allegiance: Hobbits of the Company
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The two periain, Meriadoc and Peregrin, were here not long past, looking for you. They returned to Bâr Thorenion, but implored that you should join them as soon as you could.'


Merry and Pippin persist in their determination to venture into Mordor.

Objective 1

You should talk to Pippin and Merry in Bâr Thorenion.

'There you are, <<name>>! We had been looking for you. What happy luck that you are here now!'

Objective 2

Both Aragorn and Éomer can be found outside of the Black Gate, in the area of the Slag Hills.

Merry and Pippin have asked you to ask Aragorn and Éomer for permission to venture into Mordor.

Aragorn: 'Poke their noses into Mordor? That is exactly how they put it, I image. Well, to be honest, I would mislike the thought of those two going in alone. But if you promise to stay close by and look after them, then they have my blessing.'
'To Pippin I do grant leave.'
Éomer:' 'Master Merry Holdwine wishes to see Mordor? I would not deny him it, for all that he has done and been through.'

Objective 3

Gandalf has appeared nearby to Aragorn and Éomer, outside the Black Gate in the Slag Hills, and has made it clear that he wishes to talk to you.

Gandalf: 'A word with your, <<name>>. I know well enough that I have done little to hinder Merry an Pippin an excursion into Mordor. I hope I hve lent some gravity to it, however. More importantly, I would ask you to stick by them.'

' On this point, I ask a favour of you. Take them into Udûn when you go, and keep a sharp eye open for things that do not belong there. I have some reason to believe you may find something of interest to you and our two meddling friends, if you do.'

Objective 4

  • Return to Merry and Pippin