Quest:Chapter 1: Hidden in Shadow

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Chapter 1: Hidden in Shadow
Level 46
Type Solo
Starts with Braigiar
Starts at Gabilshathûr
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [3.9S, 26.6W]
Ends with Lorniel
Ends at Gath Forthnír
End Region Angmar
Map Ref [10.8N, 24.0W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 7
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It is a pity that Corunir could not steel his heart against the Watchers of Rammas Deluon. The power of the watching-stones is terrible. Many of the Hillmen tried to flee back through Rammas Deluon and perished.

'We marched on, but ere we ever came unto Carn Dûm, we were beset by Orcs and creatures more terrible. Golodir was lost and our numbers were scattered. The scarce remnant that remains has barely managed to avoid the snares of the Enemy for these last few years, but I fear Angmar has grown too strong, and we will not be able to hide forever.

'I have learned that one party of my kindred is encamped at a place called Gath Forthnír, far to the north in the eastern reaches of Himbar. Go to them, if you would, and lend them what aid you may.'


After discovering the secret of the watching-stones of Rammas Deluon, Corunir sent you into the eastern reaches of Angmar, seeking the Rangers and Hillmen of Aughaire who had marched forth to throw down the rising power of Angmar. You found the Ranger Braigiar at the dwarf-outpost of Gabilshathûr in Malenhad.

Objective 1

Gath Forthnir lies somewhere far to the north of Gabilshathûr.

Braigiar has sent you to find and lend aid to the survivors of Golodir's company at the encampment of Gath Forthnir.

Braigiar: 'Your aid is needed among my brethren at Gath Forthnír. Do not delay!'
Areneth: 'You have come from Corunir by way of Braigiar? Welcome, then, and well met! Indeed, we could use your aid. These last few years have seen us nearly vanquished.
'But it is not for me to tell you of our woes. You should enter within and speak with Lorniel, Golodir's daughter.'

Objective 2

Lorniel is inside the building at Gath Forthnír.

Areneth told you to speak with Lorniel, daughter of Golodir.

Areneth: 'Lorniel is inside. She will wish to speak with you.'
Lorniel: 'I do not believe good fortune alone brings you hither, my good <race>. Come, we have much to speak about.'