Quest:Chapter 11.2: The Same As You

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Chapter 11.2: The Same As You
Level 120
Type Solo
Starts with Shade of Isildur
Starts at Tol Send
Start Region Vales of Anduin
Map Ref [2.3N, 58.0W]
Ends with Ontamo
Ends at Díngarth
End Region Mordor Besieged
Map Ref [97.4S, 131.5W]
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 11
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'What is it you wish to know?'

You ask the shade about an Elf named Magoldir who fought for the Last Alliance at the end of the Second Age.

'Was it the last?' he responds with a grim laugh. 'We called it the Great Alliance. It took years to assemble enough soldiers, from many different lands, and yet more years spent in fighting. We thought it was the end of the world; it seemed the war would last forever.'

He falls silent for a time, considering your question.

'I knew an Elf named Magoldir. He befriended my sons, if I remember aright, and fought alongside them during the Siege of Barad-dûr. And there was another, too: a <class>, the same as you, who adventured with my sons during the last days of the war. Yes. Let me tell you what I remember of this <class>, and through those words you may learn something of use concerning Magoldir the Elf. But before I tell you this tale, you will first need to recover something. The Orcs spent countless years delving in the muck of the Gladden Fields, and they brought the things they found to their various camps in the area. Go to the encampment southwest of here and retrieve a weather-stained coffer from within the camp. Its contents will refresh some of my memory, and then I will speak to you of the <class> who befriended my sons, and was allied with Magoldir the Elf.'


The shade of Isildur has agreed to tell you what he remembers of the Elf named Magoldir and the Siege of Barad-dûr that concluded the Second Age.

Objective 1

The shade of Isildur asked you to retrieve a weather-stained coffer from the encampment of Sharkey's Slough, southwest of Tol Send.

Objective 2

  • Bring the weather-stained coffer to Tol Send

The shade of Isildur is waiting for you to bring the weather-stained coffer to Tol Send.

You set the weather-stained coffer down among the flowers

Objective 3

Elrond is on Tol Send, the Isle of the Flowers in the Gladden Fields.

Elrond examines the weather-stained coffer with some interest.

Elrond: 'This is very interesting, <name>. The half-orcs must have pulled this chest from the mud as they scoured the Gladden Fields for treasure.'
Elrond opens the lid of the coffer and examines the items within: old pieces of equipment, small trinkets, and time-worn artifacts of unknown value.

Hobbits only
Curiously, the armour is very close to hobbit-sized, and would fit your own hobbit-proportions with little difficulty.

'The things no doubt possessed some meaning for their owner.' Elrond continues, 'but to the half-orcs they would have seemed of little worth. The chest must have remained in the mud of the Gladden Fields, forgotten and ignored, for many years.'

Objective 4

The shade of Isildur is pleased that you found the weather-stained coffer and brought it to Tol Send, and now wishes to tell you the tale he promised.

Shade of Isildur: 'I told you there was a <class> who befriended my sons, and who fought with the Great Alliance at the Siege of Barad-dûr. This box contained all of his possessions. After the war, he came north with us on that doomed road, and died there.
'But I could say much of his story before its ending, and you may learn something worth knowing of Magoldir. As I speak to you of times long past, you are welcome to take as a reward whatever items you will; he was a <class>, the same as you, and he would be pleased for his possessions to be once again of service in the fight against evil.
'Take a close look at these memories of the Great Alliance, and I will speak to you of the Siege of Barad-dûr.'

Objective 5

The Memories of the Great Alliance will allow you to experience the Siege of Barad-dûr at the end of the Second Age, as relayed to you by the shade of Isildur.

After Dagorlad, the Great Alliance threw down the Black Gate and marched into Mordor.

Objective 6

Ontamo is in Díngarth, chief fortification of the Great Alliance in Mordor Besieged.

But victory would not come swiftly. The siege would last for seven long years.
Ontamo: 'You there! <class>! Listen well to me, for this is urgent, and cannot wait!
'You may be one of those <race specific description>, but while you are here in Díngarth you need to do what I say! I am sure your chieftain would agree, so don't let me hear any complaint!'