Quest:Bounty: Wight-skulls

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Bounty: Wight-skulls
Level 20
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes, 3 times
Starts with Edith Sweetrose
Starts at The Dead Man's Perch
Start Region Northern Barrow-downs
Map Ref [32.1S, 53.9W]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It is not usual that we are in such a position. We have come here before with no danger present save the rats, crawlers, or the occasional barghest. This, however, is most peculiar.

'I am certain that the people of Bree-land can benefit from the removal of these terrifying foes, these wights, so I will offer you something of a bounty for their defeat.

'Defeat the walking dead here and return their skulls to me. I will reward you well for these endeavours.'


There is a bounty out for the skulls of the wights which wander the southern Barrow-downs.

Objective 1

Wights can be found throughout the southern Barrow-downs.

The guide, Edith Sweetrose, prizes wight-skulls and will pay you for them. She is camped at the Dead Man's Perch, where the northern Barrow-downs meet the southern Barrow-downs.

Edith Sweetrose: 'I have a small collection of materials that I am willing to trade for the wight's skulls. If you are willing to collect them, I am willing to provide you with this reward.'
Edith Sweetrose: 'Yes, this proves a good many victories. You have done a great service to the people of Bree-land this day.'