Quest:Bounty: Chicken-thief

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Bounty: Chicken-thief
Level 98
Type Solo
Starts with Calembel Bounty Board
Starts at Calembel
Start Region Lamedon
Map Ref [67.0S, 56.0W]
Ends with Laindir
Ends at Calembel
End Region Lamedon
Map Ref [67.1S, 55.9W]
Quest Chain Calembel
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Numerous farmers in the valley of Lamedon have reported chickens going missing, and have often seen a man creeping through the coops at night. He has evaded capture each time he has plundered a coop. The most recent report is from last night, from Bar Elir (a farmstead to the south-west of Calembel).

A generous reward will be bestowed to anyone who can capture the chicken-thief.


Numerous farmers have reported chickens going missing, and wish the culprit to be caught.

Objective 1

Bar Elir, a farmstead, is south-west of Calembel.

You should speak with the farmers at Bar Elir to hear their report of the chicken-thief directly.

Townsperson: 'Yes, I the one who noticed the chickens were gone this morning. Every last one of them! What will we do for eggs now?
'I saw some footprints and a few stray feathers leading away west, but they have since been stamped out and blown away.'
The farmer states that she saw a trail of footprints heading west from the coop

Objective 2

The chicken-thief is reported to have likely gone west of Bar Elir in southern Lamedon, likely taking cover in the shelter of trees and rocks in the hills.

You should search for the chicken-thief.

You have found the hideout of the chicken-thief!

Objective 3

  • Collect stolen chickens (0/6)
  • Catch the chicken-thief

The chicken-thief has gathered chickens west of Bar Elir, in southern Lamedon.

The thief is nowhere to be found, but the chickens should be returned to their coop.

Hador says, "Chicken-chicken-chickens!"
Hador says, "They're my chickens now! You can't have them!"
You have defeated the chicken-thief

Objective 4

  • Return the chickens to the farmers at Bar Elir

Bar Elir, a farmstead, is south-west of Calembel.

You should return the chickens to the farmers at Bar Elir.

Townsperson: 'Our chickens! Thank you, <name>! Did you catch that good-for-nothing thief? Ah...that is too bad. But it was indeed good of you to return our hens to us.'

Objective 5

Laindir can be found in Calembel in Lamedon.

You should return to Laindir in Calembel and tell him that you found the hideout, and defeated the thief.

Laindir: 'You did well, <name>! Hador will trouble the farms around these parts no more. It would seem that his greed for chicken-meat carried him away!'