Quest:Barrow-treasure -- Introduction

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Barrow-treasure -- Introduction
Level 20
Type Solo
Starts with Tad Leafcutter
Starts at Bree-town Hunting Lodge
Start Region Bree
Map Ref [31.8S, 51.4W]
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Greetings, <name>. I have been very interested in the doings here at the hunting lodge. It seems the only place here in Bree where people would even think about heading up to is the old Barrow-downs. Well, there I go talking before explaining. You see, I am quite interested in the place -- the Barrow-downs that is. Ancient cities, old kings, and treasure beyond imagining! My dad, Newbold, has told me such wonderful stories. It seems somehow he got quite a few pieces of old histories out of the Downs, though he never would tell me how.

'I have tasked every hunter who frequents this lodge to travel to the Barrow-downs and retrieve some of the Barrow-treasure, but it seems that none of them have the nerve. I keep asking Anglinn, but he never seems to leave eyeshot of the main gate, and those Rangers aren't the ones to be pushed, if you get my meaning. Anglinn seems to believe that the treasure of the underground barrows are some of the finest. He goes on and on about some curse lain on it...all a bunch of nonsense if you ask me.

'If you would travel to the Barrow-downs, find these barrows, and retrieve some of the old Barrow-treasures, you would be held in high regard, I'm sure.'


It has long been a legend among the Bree-folk that great treasure still remains in the barrows of the Barrow-downs, but there are few among them with the courage to seek it.

Objective 1

Barrows are scattered throughout Northern and Southern Barrow-downs. Tad Leafcutter is at the Bree Hunting Lodge in Bree-town, east of the Barrow-downs.

Tad Leafcutter has asked you to search the barrows of the Barrow-downs and recover some of the Barrow-treasures which lie there.

Tad Leafcutter: 'You have returned without the Barrow-treasures? I had hoped you wouldn't be scared of some old bones in the hills….'
Tad Leafcutter: 'You have done it! Look here, <name> wasn't scared to go up into those old hills, ha!
'Don't mind the other hunters, they are all superstitious fools. They think the Barrow-downs are haunted, can you believe it!'