Quest:Baggins' Birthday - Gaffer's List

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Baggins' Birthday - Gaffer's List
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with Gaffer Gamgee
Starts at Hobbiton-Bywater
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [30.2S, 71.5W]
Quest Group Festival
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

So you’re here to collect stories about Bilbo Baggins, are you? Heard that I would know who to talk to? Naturally, you’re correct. Give me a moment and I’ll write you down a list of likely hobbits to speak to.

'Mind you, you’ll need to catch them at just the right time. If they don’t seem to have a story for you, check back on them in a while. If you want to hear every story, you’ll need to have some perseverance!'


Gaffer Gamgee is sure to know which hobbits have the best stories to tell of Bilbo's disappearance and his adventures and whereabouts since then.

Objective 1

Speak to the Gaffer to obtain his list of hobbits likely to have stories worth collecting.

Gaffer Gamgee: 'Right then, here's that list. You'll want to give it a quick look to make sure you can read my handwriting.'
The Gaffer has given you a note

Objective 2

Read the Gaffer's Note.

Objective 3

  • Speak to the Gaffer

Speak to the Gaffer, he probably knows who you should talk to first.

Gaffer Gamgee: 'That note makes sense then?
'Were I you, I'd probably start by talking to Ted Sandyman. Just follow the road out to the east and then turn south. Ted's standing just south of the Bywater Bridge.
'I know Ted's got time now, so he'll be happy to share his story. Just remember that not every hobbit on that list will have a story to share whenever you please! Just check back on them from time to time, you'll catch them at a good time soon enough I'm sure.'

Objective 4

Follow this road from the Gaffer's out to the east and then turn south. Ted’s standing just south of the Bywater Bridge.

Speak to Ted Sandyman to hear the first of the stories about Bilbo and his adventures.

Objective 5

Listen to the remainder of the hobbits' stories.

You can only speak to a few of the hobbits at a time. The list of hobbits you can speak to changes randomly every hour.

Objective 6

  • Return to Gaffer Gamgee

All the hobbits have been spoken to. You should check in with the Gaffer once more.

Gaffer Gamgee: 'You managed to speak to all the hobbits on my list then? Wonderful!
'If that's given you what you need, off with you then. Time to take these stories to their final recipient!'