Quest:Baggins' Birthday - A Child's Story

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Baggins' Birthday - A Child's Story
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with Child
Starts at The Ivy Bush
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [31.3S, 71.1W]
Quest Group Festival
Quest Chain Baggins' Birthday
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Scuse me? What’s that you’re asking about? Oh yes! I know lots of stories about Bilbo! My mum tells me them some nights when I can’t get to sleep.'


A young hobbit child has agreed to share a story about Bilbo Baggins and his adventures.

Objective 1

Listen to the child's story.

Child: 'My mum tells me stories about mister Bilbo some nights when I can't get to sleep. My favourites are the ones about the Lonely Mountain, with the dragon and the treasure!
'I'd like a dragon I think, but only a nice one, not a nasty one. My good dragon would live with me and bring us shiny things to play with, and I'd fly him around in the sky! Dragons are terrible clever you know, and so mine would tell me stories and teach me things that only dragons know!
'But, you know, I keep thinking about that poor mountain. Why, it's even called the Lonely Mountain, and that was when it still had a dragon friend of its own. But since Bilbo scared off the dragon I bet that mountain is even lonlier. I feel so bad for it some nights I just cry into my plush sheep, Petunia.
'But then I though about nice Mister Bilbo and I bet he feels the same way! I bet he went back to that poor mountain to keep it company! If I were him, I'd bring it another dragon, but a nice one this time to keep it company for years and years and years! I bet that's just what he did!'