Quest:Attack at Dawn

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Attack at Dawn
Level Scaling
Type Skirmish
Repeatable Yes
Quest Group Skirmish
Quest Text

"In the late evening hours, a small group of refugees sought refuge in the hidden Ranger-camp of Esteldín. These refugees were followed by a small group of goblin-scouts that quickly fled to Dol Dínen to bring word to their chief, Graug. Siniath the Ranger has asked you to seek out Graug and defeat him before he can spread word of the Esteldín's location. As you arrive near Dol Dínen, the first rays of false dawn can be seen overhead."


Late in the night, a party of goblin-scouts discovered the location of the Ranger-refuge known as Esteldín. The goblins have fled to Dol Dínen, where you must dispatch them before they can bring reinforcements.

Objective 1

  • Secure the main gate

Breach and secure the main gate of Dol Dínen.

Objective 2

  • Secure the west gate
  • Secure the Eastern gate

Breach either the western or eastern gate of Dol Dínen.

Objective 3

  • Secure the central gate

With a path cleared through one of the gates, the central gate now bars your way from reaching the goblin-scouts.

Following a shrill cry from the ridge, stones begin to rain down on the courtyard.

Objective 4

  • Secure the entrance of Graug's encampment

Secure the entrance of the Graug's encampment at the top of the hill looking down upon the central gate.

Objective 5

  • Secure the area outside Graug's tent
  • Destroy Catapults (0/2)

Seek out and destroy the catapults that lie outside Graug's tent. This will allow the Rangers below to secure the camp below.

Objective 6

  • Defeat Graug and secure the knowledge of Esteldín's location
  • Do not allow a goblin-scout to escape

The courtyard has fallen. Now all that remains is to defeat Graug and destroy any reminants of the information that he has gathered.

Graug says, "The Rangers of the North will fall to the Iron Crown! Come forward flames...burn any of those who would attempt to escape."
Graug says, "Rain fire down upon these feeble weaklings."
A goblin scout was narrowly intercepted by the Rangers that followed behind you. With the battle raging, no other Goblins can escape or all will be lost.
Siniath: 'The Rangers of Esteldín will remember your service, <name>. Without your aid, Esteldín would surely have fallen.'

Optional Encounter 1: Defeat Tharb

Encounter: Tharb has arrived to re-take the eastern gates.
Encounter Complete: Tharb has fallen to your mighty blow.

Optional Encounter 2: Defeat Pugh

Encounter: Pugh has arrived on the eastern flank to reinforce the courtyard.
Encounter Complete: Pugh has been defeated.

Optional Encounter 3: Defeat Fríb

Encounter: An angry shout is heard in the courtyard below.
Encounter Complete: Fríb, the boggart, falls to your mighty blow.

Optional Encounter 4: Defeat Zímarp

Encounter: Zímarp has arrived to re-take the western gates.
Encounter Complete: Zímarp has fallen to your mighty blow.

Optional Encounter 5: Defeat Krampum

Encounter: Krampum has arrived to re-take the western flank.
Encounter Complete: Krampum falls to your mighty blow.

Optional Encounter 6: Defeat Kaushar

Encounter: The sound of a mighty roar is heard from the courtyard below.
Encounter Complete: Kaushar has been defeated, crushing his attempt to retake the hill.