Quest:Anglach: The Great Foundry

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Anglach: The Great Foundry
Level 115
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Candúr
Starts at Udûn Foothold
Start Region Udûn
Map Ref [41.3S, 0.6W]
End Region Udûn
Quest Group Udûn Allegiance
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Reports have come in that enemy forces are gathering within Anglach. Ongdrágh, Master of the Mines, has returned to rally the Captain of the Pit's remaining soldiers. They must be quelled before they become a greater threat to our mission.

'When you are ready, I will direct you to Anglach.'


Many foes await those who dare enter Anglach, the Great Foundry.

Objective 1

Ongdrágh, Master of the Mines can be found deep within Anglach.

You should defeat Ongdrágh, Master of the Mines.

Candúr: 'There is no time to waste. The enemy's forces swell within Anglach. Are you prepared to depart?'
Defeated Ongdrágh, Master of the Mines

Objective 2

Candúr can be found at the Udûn Foothold.

You should return to Candúr and apprise him of your efforts.

Candúr: 'With Ongdrágh dealt with, the forces within Anglach will fall into disarray. I thank you for your assistance.'