Quest:An End to Lending

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An End to Lending
Level 79
Type Solo
Starts with Déorun
Starts at Norcrofts
Start Region Norcrofts
Map Ref [54.5S, 56.7W]
Quest Chain Faldham
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It is said that a farmer is only as effective as his tools, and I am sorely lacking in many of the tools which I now require. I have need of many of the tools I have lent to my friends and neighbors, I forsee them being invaluable in the coming days.

'Might you gather up many of the items I have loaned out, and return them to me? In particular, I am seeking my hammer, pitchfork, lantern, and an old bow. Speak to the other crofters around Faldham, and inquire about the items. These tools will be put to good use when the siege begins.'


Crofter Déorun, has begun arrangements in anticipation for the expected attack on Faldham. In order to protect his home and family, he is in need of several items he has lent to his neighbors over the course of time.

Objective 1

Déorun's neighbors can be found within Faldham.

Déorun has need of the items he has lent to the other people living around Faldham, including Haligmar, Enswith, Thurgyr, and Osin.

Déorun: 'Speaking with my neighbors may help you to track the loaned items. In particular, I would recommend speaking to Haligmar, Thurgyr, Osin, and Enswith. You should find them all about Faldham, busy with their own tasks.'
Haligmar: 'I would be happy to return Déorun's pitchfork, I appreciate his loading it to me.
'I last used it at Sahard's stable. If you are looking for it, I would start there.'
Collected Déorun's pitchfork
Thurgyr: 'Déorun's hammer was loaned to me, but I cannot recall where I have placed it.'
'Ah yes, I remember now. I was using it on the barrels by the stable. I must thank Déorun for his generosity.'
Collected Déorun's hammer
Osin: 'You are aiding Déorun, <name>? You have reminded me, I am in possession of Déorun's hunting bow. Might you take it to him?
'I hope he enjoys the improvements to it, the grip is more secure and the limbs should have a good flex to them. I was tuning it by the stables, just outside the meadhall.'
Collected Déorun's bow
Ensith: 'Déorun loaned my husband his lantern, as a favour. You are more than welcome to take it, I last saw it laying near the windmill.'
Collected Déorun's lantern

Objective 2

  • Return the items to Déorun

Déorun resides at his home at the southern end of Faldham, just oustide the mead hall.

You have collected Déorun's many missing items, and may now return them to the anxious farmer.

Déorun: 'Thank you for returning all of my loaned items. My tools will be put to good use when the time is right, and the assailants will learn the folly of underestimating a prepared crofter!'