Quest:Agoroth, the Narrowdelve

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Agoroth, the Narrowdelve
Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with Lothrandir
Starts at Jä-reitti
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [7.2N, 66.3W]
Ends with Elrond
Ends at Elrond's Library
End Region Rivendell
Map Ref [29.6S, 3.3W]
Quest Group Agoroth, the Narrowdelve
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Whenever you are ready, we will enter the Narrowdelve. Not even Arvedui knows what awaits us inside, but we must reach the Oath-stone before the Angmarim. And you must not forget, you promised the Lossoth you would find a way to destroy it so they are no longer bound by its magic.' Lothrandir crosses his arms and looks down at the ice below. A wry smile appears on his face, barely visible beneath the shadows cast by his hood. 'Elrond did say that Men might remain in the world as shades if they break their sworn promises. If we are not careful, we might share the fate of King Arvedui! Come now, let us face our destinies together!'


The time has come to enter Agoroth. You must reach the Helcessar before the Angmarim!

Objective 1

Complete 'Agoroth, the Narrowdelve' on any difficulty.

Use the Instance Finder to enter Agoroth, the Narrowdelve.

Completed 'Agoroth, the Narrowdelve'
Lothrandir shouts, "We are back in Agoroth! We defeated the Witch-king's manifestation, but the Thoroval still perished at sea..."
Captain Glamagol shouts, "The past cannot be changed, but we can learn from that which we witnessed."
Arvedui shouts, "I never thought I would have to live through my death a second time. So many lost because of my actions!"
Arvedui shouts, "My damnable pride... Why did I not heed the words of the Lossoth elder? Was it to escape the frozen squalor of a refugee, or to reclaim my status as royalty, or to deliver vengeance upon Angmar?"
Captain Glamagol shouts, "King Arvedui, forgive me for my curt words, but I see no reason for thou to punish thyself still for thine own demise!"
Captain Glamagol shouts, "Thou wert desperate, true, but for haste, not for an end to thy suffering!"
Captain Glamagol shouts, "Thou had just learned that thine allies were on their way to retake thy kingdom from thy most hated enemy."
Captain Glamagol shouts, "It was thy duty as King to take part in that battle, to regain thy throne upon victory!"
Captain Glamagol shouts, "Hadst thou waited until Spring or Summer, it may have very well been too late."
Captain Glamagol shouts, "The Elves and Dúnedain on that ship suffered not because of thee. They died at the hands of the Witch-king of Angmar! As did we of the Sardirath!"
Captain Glamagol shouts, "They suffer no regret or resentment on thy behalf. All have moved on, and so should thee."
Arvedui shouts, "I... Captain..."
Arvedui shouts, "Thy words ring true. My haste stemmed from a sense of duty. It was a great tragedy, but possibly an unavoidable fate."
Arvedui shouts, "Perhaps I can finally begin to forgive myself. I thank thee, Captain, for thy honesty."
Arvedui shouts, "I feel lighter, unburdened, but still I cannot move on?"
Lothrandir shouts, "I have a thought!"
Lothrandir shouts, "We heard you speak just before the end, Arvedui. Your final words: you swore not to be the last King."
Lothrandir shouts, "Is it possible that oath, made with such conviction in the face of death, is what really keeps you here?"
Arvedui shouts, "Thou mayest be right, Lothrandir! If what thou sayest about Aragorn be true, he is my last hope. It may only be a matter of time."
Arvedui shouts, "I have one last wrong to right before then."
Arvedui shouts, "Captain, assemble thy order. I would address them all."
Captain Glamagol shouts, "As thou wishest."
Arvedui shouts, "Sardirath of Agoroth, let me first offer my apologies."
Arvedui shouts, "Because your order was secret to all but the Kings, when Arnor broke into three kingdoms, you were forgotten, abandoned, left to languish in this place in frozen solitude. My line failed you."
Arvedui shouts, "I cannot undo the damamge done, but it is within my power to do this:"
Arvedui shouts, "I say now, as the last King of Arthedain, that your oaths are fulfilled. Let Agoroth be abandoned, for the Helcessar no longer needs protectors."
Captain Glamagol shouts, "But sire, the enemy has found this place! The Helcessar needs protection now more than ever!"
Arvedui shouts, "No longer, for we have one last oath to keep, that made to the Lossoth."
Arvedui shouts, "Join me, Sardirath. Lend me thine strength, and let it be done."
Arvedui shouts, "With the power of the Helcessar diminished, you may finally rest."
Captain Glamagol shouts, "I thank thee, my King. May thou findest thy rest as well."
Arvedui shouts, "No, I thank thee, Captain, for thy words have freed me from the shackles of despair."

Objective 2

The Angmarim have been defeated and the Helcessar destroyed.

You should speak to Lothrandir. He can be found inside Agoroth, inside Jä-reitti, or at the shipwreck of the Thoroval.

Lothrandir: 'We have done it! The combined power of Arvedui and the Sardirath was enough to destroy the Helcessar for good. We have kept our word to the Lossoth, kept the Witch-king from corrupting the relic, and freed the Sardirath from their oath, allowing them to rest. And it seems they are not the only ones who have achieved some overdue peace.
'Arvedui's spirit seems to have changed from our experiences together, as if a great weight has been lifted from his shoulders. You should speak to him and see if this be so.'

Objective 3

The Angmarim have been defeated and the Helcessar destroyed.

You should speak to Arvedui. He can be found inside Agoroth, inside Jä-reitti, or at the shipwreck of the Thoroval.

Arvedui: '<name>, we must speak. I feel my connection to this world fading, but I cannot quite move on yet.
'Glamagol's honest words, and the knowledge that my line continues still have freed me from despair. I could never have imagined that in death I would finally deal a meaningful blow to Angmar.
'My deepest thanks to thee and to Lothrandir. Were it not for thy actions, I would still be haunting the shipwreck of the Thoroval, overcome with despair until the end of days. When thou returnest to Rivendell, offer my salutations to Elrond and Aragorn, but please, do not share with my heir that I can only rest upon his coronation. He carries the weight of the world as it is. I wish him fortune in the many battles to come.
'Farewell for now, <name>. I will linger in the shadows, unseen, until the day I may depart.'

Objective 4

You have won a great victory against Angmar and freed Arvedui from his fate.

You should return to Elrond in Rivendell and inform him of your success.

Elrond: 'Welcome back, <name>. The lightness of your steps informs me of your success! Please, tell me everything that has happened.'
You tell Elrond of everything that has transpired: your promise to the Lossoth in exchange for the key, the realization that the Helcessar was contained in Agoroth, the Sardirath bound for thousands of years by oath, the battles with the Angmarim and Gauredain, the vision of the moment of Arvedui's death, the Helcessar's destruction, and finally, the releasing of the Sardirath.
'Astonishing, and a tale worth recording. While I am saddened to hear of the destruction of an artifact from Númenor, it is perhaps for the best. Many of the Vandassari have already fallen into the hands of the Enemy over the years, leading to calamity. The Helcessar would no doubt have turned the tide of war in favour of Angmar. I am, however, heartened to learn that Arvedui feels he will be able to move on upon his heir's coronation. I know you will do all in your power to help Aragorn reach that goal, as will I.
'You must be rewarded for all your efforts. This tabard was recovered from Annúminas along with the log that set you on this adventure. For your service to the fallen kingdom of Arnor, you have earned it.'