Quest:A Widow's Last Hope

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A Widow's Last Hope
Level 66
Type Solo
Starts with Blodwen
Starts at Trum Dreng
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [79.6S, 24.2W]
Ends with Blodwen
Ends at Lhan Tarren
End Region Dunland
Map Ref [75.2S, 23.0W]
Quest Group Dunland: Trum Dreng
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Come, we must tarry no longer. It pains me to watch this farm become consumed by the Dragon-clan, for this is where my husband and his family made a life for me, but so be it.

'The Stag-clan must be warned!'


You and Blodwen must attempt to escape the Herd-lands and bring news of the Dragon-clan assault to Lhan Tarren, where your newfound friends find themselves ignorant of their peril.

Objective 1

  • Warn Elder Riagán of the Dragon-clan's intent
  • If you and Blodwen become separated, use the whistle to call her back

Lhan Tarren is upriver from the Herd-lands.

You must escape the Herd-lands with Blodwen to warn your friends at Lhan Tarren of the peril that hurtles towards them.

Elder Riagán: '<name>, you have returned at last -- but who is this?'
You hastily introduce Blodwen to the Elder as being the new relation of the dead folk at the Herd-lands.
'Ah! Poor child! You risked much to bring us this news...<name> was good to help you find us. Find some place to rest, and the people of Lhan Tarren will tend your hurts.'

Objective 2

  • Speak with Blodwen
  • If you and Blodwen become separated, use the whistle to call her back

Blodwen is at your side in Lhan Tarren.

You should speak with Blodwen.

Blodwen: 'You have saved my life by bringing me here. I thank you, <name>. I hope I may make a home here.'