Quest:A Warden's Second Best Ally

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A Warden's Second Best Ally
Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with Hrotha
Starts at Ost Guruth
Start Region Lone-lands
Map Ref [31.7S, 29.4W]
Quest Group Warden
Class Warden
Quest Chain A Strong Shield
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'A good spear may be a Warden's best ally <name>, but what good will it do when an Orc-archer riddles you with arrows? Or some warrior from Angmar puts a sword in your guts? Answer that, if you can. You will need some fine gear if you are going to face the greater threats in this world.

'If you're up to the task, I will guide you as you collect the items necessary to craft items of worth to one such as you. I will give you my notes; but the rest of the work I leave in your capable hands. Bring me the components I need <name>, and we will see about making such items of virtue as would be of benefit to you.

'The first items I will need are hides from the hoary-aurochs which dwell in the Misty Mountains and the hide of the boar Redtusk, who roams the hills of Eregion.'


Hrotha has offered to provide you with some hand-crafted gear.

Objective 1

Hoary aurochs are said to roam in the Misty Mountains. Redtusk is said to forage near Torech Braignel in north-east Eregion. Hrotha is at Ost Guruth in the Lone-lands.

Hrotha requires the hides of hoary aurochs and the pelt of the great boar known as Redtusk.

Objective 2

Hrotha: 'Well, that is the beginning, <name>. I will get these hides tanned and boiled, and you go get the next items on the list while I stitch them together.
'I now require the barbed tails of the barghests of Imlad Balchorth and the spinnerets of the spiders of Angmar.'

Objective 3

Barghests can be found in Imlad Balchorth in Angmar. The spiders can be found throughout Angmar. Hrotha is at Ost Guruth in the Lone-lands.

Hrotha requires the tails of barghests and the spinnerets of spiders to continue.

Objective 4

Hrotha: 'Two batches out of three... the end of this work is in sight now, <name>. This last bit will be the hardest, though.
'Bring me a Rune of Evil Presence from the sorcerer Sálvakh at Carn Dûm and the teeth of a Gorthorog... perhaps from Dushkâl, Brízrip, or Thordragh at Urugarth.'

Objective 5

Sálvakh dwells in Carn Dûm in Angmar. Dushkâl, Brízrip, and Thordragh can be found at Urugarth in Angmar.

Hrotha needs the third and final set of items to complete his task.

Objective 6

Hrotha: 'Ah, and now our work is done, <name>. Take this gear and let it protect you from the worst the Enemy has to send against you. May it serve you well, friend.'