Quest:A Game of Hiding

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A Game of Hiding
Level 78
Type Solo
Starts with Cyneswith (Norcrofts)
Starts at Springview Estate
Start Region Norcrofts
Map Ref [49.4S, 56.5W]
Quest Group Norcrofts
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'My name is Cyneswith. I live further to the west with my son. The vile Orcs...they came upon us as we slept! We ran east towards Elthengels, while the Orcs pursued us with haste. When we reached this estate, I convinced my son to play a hiding game with me, and he hid within the basement. I managed to lure many of the Orcs away, but was struck with an arrow and was forced to hide.

'The Orcs must know that my son is inside this home! They have gone to search for him and have locked the basement doors. You must find the key and rescue him!

'I noticed the fattest of the Orc-fiends carrying the key, and we cannot enter without it. The front door may still be open, but be prepared for a fight if you use it. Hurry, I fear that the Orcs will find my boy soon!'


Cyneswith and his son were attacked by the invading Orcs and have found themselves seperated. Cyneswith desperately needs to rescue his son before the Orcs can find him.

Objective 1

The Orc with the basement-key is likely to be found inside of the estate that Cyneswith hides behind.

Cyneswith has asked you to search for the basement-key among the Orcs pillaging within the estate.

You recall Cyneswith's words of a fat Orc possessing the key
You have found the basement-key

Objective 2

  • Return to Cyneswith near the basement entrance

Cyneswith rests behind the estate, near the basement door.

You have found the basement door's key and should return it to Cyneswith.

Cyneswith: 'Aye, that looks to be the key! I hear the Orcs searching for my son, Sager, within the basement.
'I cannot move enough to be of help to must enter without me. Be most careful...and please prevent them from harming my boy!'

Objective 3

  • Enter the basement of the farmhouse

The basement door is located behind the estate, where Cyneswith waits.

With the basement door unlocked, you may now enter to search for Sager.

The Orcs are searching for Sager within the basement

Objective 4

  • Find Cyuneswith's son, Sager, in the basement of the farmhouse

You should search for Sager within the basement of the estate.

You have entered the basement of the estate and may begin searching for Sager, hopefully before the Orcs discover him.

Sager: 'Are they gone now? Was I well-hidden?
'Sometimes, Father and I play games like this. He says I am the very best at hiding! He told me to find a hiding place down here, and then those horrible things came looking for me.
'I like not this scary game! I am going back up to see Father now. Farewell!'
Sager seems eager to return to his father

Objective 5

  • Return to Cyneswith outside the farmhouse

Cyneswith and Sager await your return on the outside of the estate.

Sager has returned to his father's side. Cyneswith will be eager to see that you have rescued his son.

Cyneswith: 'Oh, I am so relieved that Sager is safe. It is encouraging to think that his ability to remain calm and stay unseen is in part due to the games of hiding we have played together.
'Thank you for returning my son, he means the world to me. I am most fortunate to have met someone so courageous.'