Quest:A Formal Complaint

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A Formal Complaint
Level 32
Type Solo
Starts with Hob Hillbrow
Starts at Glass-blowers' Camp
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [21.2S, 64.5W]
Quest Group Evendim
Quest Chain Dwaling's Plight
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Never in all my days have I heard of decent folk getting attacked in the Shire. Even if this is the Northfarthing, folk should still be decent and civil, though I wouldn't put such treachery past these Big Men.

'I've asked Ronald Dwale to draft a formal letter of complaint to the leader of these Men, Will Tuffin. He is always in and out of the big hole down in Dwaling centre. I would like you to get the letter from Dwale and take it to Will Tuffin straightaway. Just go down to the big hole down yonder and ring the bell until Will comes out. Make sure you are careful, I don't trust these Big Folk.

'Take care that you don't let them bully you this time.'


The ruffians which have moved into Dwaling are lawless and brutal, and Hob Hillbrow has had enough of their wicked ways.

Objective 1

Ronald Dwale is at Hob Hillbrow's home at the Bullroarer's Sward in Dwaling.

Hob Hillbrow has asked you to retrieve the formal complaint he asked Ronald Dwale to draft.

Ronald Dwale: 'Ah, yes, Hob asked me to draw up a letter of complaint after you found out about that business with Pearlina Gamgee.
'Business letters are not my usual fare; I am more used to crafting more fanciful stories and letters, but I daresay I did as fine a job as any could have asked for.'

Objective 2

  • Ring the doorbell and deliver the letter

Will Tuffin is in the big hole in Dwaling centre.

Deliver the formal complaint to Will Tuffin.

Will Tuffin says, "A letter from one of those little rats? Be off, this is our land by Sharkey's orders."
Will Tuffin says, "That fool Lotho doesn't know what he has gotten himself into."
Will Tuffin says, "Not going without a fight eh? Well that can be fixed up proper!"
Will Tuffin says, "I will deal with you fools later, I have work to do here in Dwaling."

Objective 3

  • Talk to Hob Hillbrow

Hob Hillbrow is at his home at the Bullroarer's Sward in Dwaling.

You should return to Hob Hillbrow and tell him of Will Tuffin's response.

Hob Hillbrow: 'What's that now? Shut the door in your face? Well, if that isn't the rudest thing I have heard all day!'
'Bob Greeneaves has a spare key to the big hole. It's a public building, and even if they own the whole town, they haven't the right to close up a public hole!
'You march right in there and make sure he reads every word of that letter. Talk to Bob Greeneaves here when you are ready to go down to the big hole.'

Objective 4

  • Talk to Bob Greeneaves

Bob Greeneaves is at Hob Hillbrow's home at the Bullroarer's Sward in Dwaling.

Talk to Bob Greeneaves to gain access to the big hole to deliver the letter.

Bob Greeneaves: 'Are you ready for me to let you into the big hole?
'You be careful; who knows what those Big Folk will do once you're inside.'

Objective 5

Hob Hillbrow is at his home at the Bullroarer's Sward in Dwaling, south of town centre.

You should return to Hob Hillbrow with word of your success and his letter.

Hob Hillbrow: 'So their leader wouldn't take the letter? I can't say I didn't expect trouble from theses ruffians. I am going to have another formal complaint written to this 'investor' and tell him just what I think about the character of these Men he has let into the Shire.
'You mentioned something about a goblin-faced fellow and someone names Shakey? I'm sure you must be mistaken; there haven't been naught like them in the Shire since the Bullroarer's time, and I have never heard of anyone with a name such as Sharkey.
'But what with all the excitement, I am sure you can't be blamed for your mistake.'