Quest:A Familiar Keepsake

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A Familiar Keepsake
Level 78
Type Solo
Starts with Dull Gold Locket
Starts at Abandoned Farmhouse
Start Region Norcrofts
Ends with Cyneswith
Ends at Springview Estate
End Region Norcrofts
Map Ref [49.4S, 56.5W]
Quest Group Norcrofts
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

This dull golden locket seems to have been forgotten by the house's previous inhabitants. On each side of the pendant you are able to distinguish a faintly etched name. The names read, Matfréa and Cyneswith.

This locket may have once belonged to Cyneswith. Perhaps it would be worth bringing it to him, to find out more about its history.


You have come across a locket, that appears to be some sort of keepsake. You recognize Cyneswith's name etched in the locket. Perhaps it would be worth asking him about it.

Objective 1

  • Show the locket to Cyneswith

Cyneswith awaits at the farmer's estate to the east, with his son Sager.

Cyneswith may be able to tell you more about the locket you found, engraved with his name.

Cyneswith: 'This locket once belonged to my wife. I gave it to Matfréa as a gift, a symbol of our love for one another. With great sorrow I recall that she was lost to us, when the first Orcs attacks began in earnetst.
'After fleeing our home, I thought, perhaps, to never have something to remember her with. Thank you for bringing this to me, <name>. It is a memento I shall treasure.'
You have delivered the locket engraved with the names Cyneswith and Matfréa