Quest:A Faint Glimmer of Hope

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A Faint Glimmer of Hope
Level 57
Type Solo
Starts with Feggi
Starts at Ânghumu-ru
Start Region The Flaming Deeps
Map Ref [14.2 S, 109.6 W]
Ends with Gúthi
Ends at Durin's Court
End Region The Flaming Deeps
Map Ref [16.2 S, 107.4 W]
Quest Group Moria: The Flaming Deeps
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Gúthi and his dwarves made for Durin's Court to take the stronghold at Humulkezer, but now I fear for them. It may not be too late to warn them of the Ghâsh-hai threat.'

'Along the way to Durin's Court, you will find several unlit braziers. They should be lit as a warning to the dwarves of the fire-wielding Orcs that menace these halls.'

'Durin's Court can be found south-east of Ânghumu-ru. Have a safe journey, brave <class>!'


Feggi recommended that you travel to Durin's Court in an attempt to warn Gúthi and his dwarves of the Ghâsh-hai threat, hopefully before they march into a stronghold teeming with Orcs.

Objective 1

  • Discover Durin's Court
  • Light braziers as you make your way to Durin's Court (0/6)

Objective 2

  • Talk to Gúthi at Durin's Court

Gúthi can be found in Durin's Court in the South-eastern Flaming Deeps.

You should speak with Gúthi.

'Hail, stranger. You arrived just in time; we were about to strike at the Orcs in an attempt to take back Humulkezer, but it sounds as though this would go badly for us.'

'If the Ghash-hai are truly as formidable as you say, we might need a new strategy.'

'Instead of attacking head on, perhaps we should meet up with the dwarves at the Crossroads of Ash. There is strength in numbers.'