Quest:A Convoluted Wine

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A Convoluted Wine
Level ...
Type Solo
Repeatable Daily
Starts with Any Ale Association Tavern Keep
Ends with Saerthuithel
Ends at Echad Candelleth
End Region Trollshaws
Map Ref [37.3S, 13.9W]
Quest Group Festival
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I've received a different sort of orders from Jónar, the head of this here society. He hates the Inn League so much that he has assigned me a rather different task than my Inn League neighbour there. Shh, he mustn't hear us!

'It seems an Elf from Echad Candelleth has joined the Inn League -- not that I expect better of an Elf. But apparently she enjoyed her time with the hobbits so much that she pines for Brandy Wine to remind her of their company.

'Instead she'll be getting some Old Winyards from The Bird and Baby. Let's see if her memory is stirred by a foreign flavour! Then we shall see how loyal she really is.'


You have been tasked with delivering unpleasant things to Inn League Members in need of assistance, something only a terrible <class> would do.

Objective 1

Carlo Blagrove is at The Bird and Baby in Michel Delving.

You should collect Old Winyards from The Bird and Baby, which will be delivered to Saerthuithel under the guise of Brandy Wine.

Carlo Blagrove: 'Old Winyards, is it? Fine wine, from a good year. You'll not be disappointed in this, my good <race>.'

Objective 2

Saerthuithel is in Echad Candelleth in the Trollshaws.

You should bring the Old Winyards, cleverly disguised as Brandy Wine, to Saerthuithel as soon as possible.

Saerthuithel: 'Let me try that wine....'
Saerthuithel takes a sip and smiles, closing her eyes slowly.
'Yes...this wine is unmistakable. Is it now bewildering how the sense of taste of smell can bring things back as powerfully as if you were there again? Please, leave me be for now. I will walk a while with the hobbits once more.
'I thank you most kindly for the Brandy Wine.'