Quest:A Bit of Brown

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A Bit of Brown
Level ...
Type Solo
Repeatable Daily
Starts with Any Inn League Tavern Keep
Ends with Harigar Mudbottom
Ends at Oatbarton
End Region Evendim
Map Ref [23.0S, 67.3W]
Quest Group Festival
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I have here a list of requests to assist Inn League member in need, stranded away from home without the support of their beer-loving brethren. It seems they miss their favourite drinks, or in some cases they've never even tasted them!

'Here's a funny story, though I'm not supposed to be spreading it around: Harigar Mudbottom, one of our most vocal enthusiasts, hasn't tried Michel Delving's own Blagrove's Brown yet! It is here on my checklist, waiting to be checked, and my checklist is never checked unless a drink is duly a drunk!

'You should bring him some of Blagrove's Brown so he can finish up. Oh, don't need to tell him that I told you his whole story!'


You have received an order to fill a delivery to a member of the Inn League who has been stranded away from the festival this season.

Objective 1

Blagrove's Brown can be purchased at The Bird and Baby Inn, in Michel Delving.

You should buy some Blagrove's Brown for delivery to Harigar Mudbottom, who waits in Oatbarton.

Objective 2

The Bird and Baby Inn is in Michel Delving. Harigar Mudbottom is in Oatbarton.

Harigar Mudbottom told you of the horror he experienced when he realized he had never had a "Blagrove's Brown" from the Bird and Baby. Since he lied and told others that he had, he has asked you, in the strictest of confidence, to fetch him a mug of the ale so that he can truly say he has had a sip of every ale, wine, and spirit that can be found west of the Misty Mountains.

Harigar Mudbottom: 'Do you have it? Good! Quick now, no one is looking. Give me that mug. I'll take this back into the house and drink it there.
'My thanks for doing this for me. Now I can hold my head up high and truly say that I've completed the Inn League Challenge. I really drank every spirit there is to be found west of the Misty Mountains!'