Quest:7. Interlude: Strength of Will

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7. Interlude: Strength of Will
Level 85
Type Session Play
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Gléowine's map
Starts at Nona's Cave
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 10
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Your eye is drawn west across the map, beyond the borders of Rohan, and comes to rest upon the cruel circle of Isengard. You wonder what has become of Lothrandir within the prisons of Saruman.


As you study the contours of Gléowine's map, your mind is drawn to wonder what has befallen Lothrandir in the prisons of Orthanc.

Lothrandir of the Dúnedain still stands strong in the dungeons beneath Isengard, resisting the torments of his captors.

Objective 1

  • Study Gléowine's map and complete 7. Interlude: Strength of Will

Your mind travels far as you study the map, musing on the fate of Lothrandir, still a captive of Saruman.

Clicking on the map again launches a session play as Lothrandir.

Meanwhile, in Isengard, Lothrandir endures his captivity, drawing on the strength of his blood-line to retain his identity...

"Meanwhile, in the dungeons below Isengard, Lothrandir of the Dúnedain resists the torments of his captors."

Objective 2

  • Talk to Barkh and receive your orders

You have been told to report to Barkh in the kitchens for the day's orders.

Barkh: 'You are mine again today, little Ranger. And this time you will do as I say, won't you? You remember what happened the last time you refused to do your chores, don't you? Spent some time in the dungeons learning the meaning of pain, you did.
'So this time will be different! Scoop some slop from that bucket and serve it to the boys!'
Barkh says, Scoop some slop out of that barrel over there, little Ranger.

Barkh wants you to scoop some slop, but you have a better idea

Objective 3

  • Tip over the slop bucket

Barkh wants you to serve some slop to the hungry uruks, but you have a better idea.

Barkh says, Did you not hear me, maggot? Use this one or it will go badly for you!
Barkh says, If you spill this one I will have your head!

Objective 4

  • Tip over the other slop bucket

Barkh is not pleased with your defiance. Barkh has asked you one more time to comply with his orders.

Barkh says, Argh!
Barkh says, Now you die, worm!
Barkh says, To me, boys! Whoever lands the killing blow gets a helping of Ranger for supper!
Gun Ain says, Are all Orcs so worthless?
Gun Ain says, He is unarmed! You outnumber him by the dozen!
Gun Ain says, And still he humiliates you.
Gun Ain says, He is mine, Barkh. You are not to touch him.
Barkh says, Why should I listen to you, outsider?
Gun Ain says, Why should you listen to Gun Ain?
Gun Ain says, Because there are none deadlier than she!
Gun Ain says, This Ranger will die only at the hands of Gun Ain.
Gun Ain says, Is that understood?

Objective 5

  • Talk to Gun Ain in the kitchens bellow Isengard

Gun Ain has come to the kitchens underneath Isengard to bring you before Saruman.

Gun Ain: 'The wizard wants to see you, Ranger. This could be your last day of life, and my last day without a name!
'What a fortunate day it is, if that be so! Your freedom from this life would be my release from shame. Both of us would rejoice, would we not?'

Objective 6

  • Talk to Gun Ain atop Orthanc

You have come with Gun Ain to the tower of Orthanc, there to speak with Saruman.

Gun Ain: 'We are here. Will the wizard share his mind with his poor servant and his unworthy captive?'

Objective 7

  • Keep Saruman from dominating your mind

You have been brought before the Wizard Saruman.

Saruman says, Lothrandir.
Saruman says, The Prince of Rohan is dead. The King is weak and cannot save his people.
Saruman says, Why do you still resist?
Saruman says, Your friend escaped, but there is no escape for you.
Saruman says, Even now my forces move upon Rohan from the west and from the north.
Saruman says, There is no hope for you, unless you swear loyalty to me.
Saruman says, For my captive there is only death. But for my friend... you could yet live.
Saruman says, What say you, Lothrandir of the Dúnedain?
Saruman says, So be it. You will see things my way, in time.