Quest:Óinsbridge: Scurrying Spiders

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Óinsbridge: Scurrying Spiders
Level 120
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Stráhek the Stout
Starts at Skarháld
Start Region Ered Mithrin and the Withered Heath
Map Ref [34.7N, 45.3W]
Quest Group Dwarf-holds: Remnants of the Grey Realm
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Remember how I was afraid of that wizard in the woods? Well, I tell you those woods are no good! Apparently those spider-folk are back and they're very upset! I can't possibly retrieve resourcees in Óinsbridge knowing they're around!

'We need to drive them out of Óinsbridge! Are you. . . Well, will you go do it?'

Warning: This quest has a one hour time limit. The timer will begin upon accepting the quest.


Objective 1

  • Defeat Helghúr

Defeat Helghúr in Óinsbridge.

Stráhek the Stout: 'Could you leave as soon as possible? The Ungoledain pose a great threat to Óinsbridge.'

Instance: Siege of Óinsbridge "When the Ungoledain were driven out of Kêr Bréin, many fled and hid in the woods near Óinsbridge. Now the lumber needed by the Zhélruka to rebuild is in grave danger of becoming entangled in the spider-clan's venomous webs."

The Ungoledain have moved quickly and have seized control of Óinsbridge.
The Ungoledain appear even more deadly when in desperate retreat.
Óinsbridge is a strategic location that must not fall under Ungoladan control.
As the last Ungoladan soldier falls, their leader, Helghúr appears on the bridge to challenge for control of Óinsbridge.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Stráhek the Stout

You should return to to Stráhek the Stout in Skarháld and let him know of your victory at Óinsbridge.

Stráhek the Stout: 'You have dealt a significant blow to the Ungoledain once again, <name>. Their numbers have been weakened... for now.'