Quartermaster Ash

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Freep-icon.png Quartermaster Ash
Quartermaster Ash.jpg
Faction Freep
Location Glân Vraig
Map ref [21.0S, 13.3W]
Race Man
Type Quest
Difficulty Master Defender
Level 140
Morale 5,844,000
Power 233,760


Quartermaster Ash provides quests and rewards at Glân Vraig. Players can trade Tokens of Valour for keys that unlock chests with various rewards, including money, potions, commendations and jewellery.



"'Do you see this? This is my Orc-cleaver. I was given this by Captain-General Lainedhel himself. That's right, this weapon was cooled in the rapids of the Noisewater in Rivendell. It barters for roughly one-hundred and ten beryls. It's got a sturdy oaken shaft and hardened Elf-steel blade. With me on the job, it's ready to fight at any moment.'"