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Potions - Essences, Extracts, Ointments and Salves - are used to recover from the effects of combat by restoring Morale or Power, or remedying damage received (debuff).

Certain debuffs can also be removed by various character classes, just as they can restore Moral and Power.

Morale and Power Restore

  • Morale and power restore potions, ointments and salves are made by Scholars, acquired as random treasure, or at higher levels, may be acquired through barter with certain "reputation" barterers. They are not available for purchase from "Healer" NPCs.
  • The term "salve" for a Morale and Power potion does not have the same meaning as for a debuff removal potion.
  • In many cases, Scholars will produce an improved item when a critical result is achieved, in other cases, they will simply produce "more" of the item.
  • Lvl 65 potions to restore Moral and Power may also be purchased in the LOTRO Store for LOTRO Points (LP). The effects of the Store Potions "stack" with in-game acquired potions.
  • Morale and power restore potions, ointments and salves can only be used on the individual player character.

Morale restore Power restore
1 Lesser Athelas Essence
Lesser Athelas Extract (critical)
Lesser Celebrant Salve
Lesser Celebrant Ointment (critical)
15 Simple Athelas Essence
Simple Athelas Extract (critical)
Simple Celebrant Salve
Simple Celebrant Ointment (critical)
25 Greater Athelas Essence
Greater Athelas Extract (critical)
Greater Celebrant Salve
Greater Celebrant Ointment (critical)
35 Refined Athelas Essence
Refined Athelas Extract (critical)
Refined Celebrant Salve
Refined Celebrant Ointment (critical)
45 Distilled Athelas Essence
Distilled Athelas Extract (critical)
Distilled Celebrant Salve
Distilled Celebrant Ointment (critical)
51 Infused Athelas Essence
Infused Athelas Extract (critical)
Infused Celebrant Salve
Infused Celebrant Ointment (critical)
58 Pure Athelas Essence
Pure Athelas Extract (critical)
Pure Celebrant Salve
Pure Celebrant Ointment (critical)
60 Potent Athelas Essence Potent Celebrant Salve
65 Steeped Athelas Essence Steeped Celebrant Salve
70 Westfold Athelas Essence Westfold Celebrant Salve
75 Rohirric Athelas Essence Rohirric Celebrant Salve
80 Eastemnet Athelas Essence Eastemnet Celebrant Salve
85 Riddermark Athelas Essence Riddermark Celebrant Salve
90 Westemnet Athelas Essence Westemnet Celebrant Salve
95 Eorlingas Athelas Essence Eorlingas Celebrant Salve
100 Anfalas Athelas Essence Anfalas Celebrant Salve


  • Debuff removal potions are bought from Healer NPCs or may be made by Scholars.
  • Similar Debuff potions may also be purchased in the LOTRO Store for LOTRO Points (LP).
  • Debuff salves are available ONLY for purchase from Healer NPCs.
  • They (typically) remove one of the debuff types up to a certain strength, and have a cooldown of 30s. They do not require a certain level to use, however better ones are more expensive.
  • Debuff potions can only be used on the individual player character.
  • Debuff salves can be used on yourself or an ally. i.e. they are "targeted."
  • With the "Enable skill target forwarding" option enabled in your Options (Combat Options) panel, it will remove fear effects from whomever your target (even if hostile) has targeted. This means you can have an enemy targeted who is targeting someone else and use it to cure the enemy's target of the debuff.
  • Because it is target based, in the confusion of battle, you can accidentally cure someone else when you wish to cure yourself, so use with caution when you wish to cure yourself!
  • Some classes possess skills that can cure some types of debuffs. For more information, see Curing Skills.

Type Disease Fear Poison Wound
Strength 10 Lesser Lhinestad Draught
Lesser Lhinestad Salve
Lesser Conhuith Draught
Lesser Conhuith Salve
Lesser Milkthistle Draught
Lesser Milkthistle Salve
Lesser Healing Draught
Lesser Healing Salve
Strength 20 Simple Lhinestad Draught
Simple Lhinestad Salve
Simple Conhuith Draught
Simple Conhuith Salve
Simple Milkthistle Draught
Simple Milkthistle Salve
Simple Healing Draught
Simple Healing Salve
Strength 30 Greater Lhinestad Draught
Greater Lhinestad Salve
Greater Conhuith Draught
Greater Conhuith Salve
Greater Milkthistle Draught
Greater Milkthistle Salve
Greater Healing Draught
Greater Healing Salve
Strength 40 Refined Lhinestad Draught
Refined Lhinestad Salve
Refined Conhuith Draught
Refined Conhuith Salve
Refined Milkthistle Draught
Refined Milkthistle Salve
Refined Healing Draught
Refined Healing Salve
Strength 55 Distilled Lhinestad Draught
Distilled Lhinestad Salve
Distilled Conhuith Draught
Distilled Conhuith Salve
Distilled Milkthistle Draught
Distilled Milkthistle Salve
Distilled Healing Draught
Distilled Healing Salve
Strength 65 Infused Lhinestad Draught
Infused Lhinestad Salve
Infused Conhuith Draught
Infused Conhuith Salve
Infused Milkthistle Draught
Infused Milkthistle Salve
Infused Healing Draught
Infused Healing Salve
Strength 75 Steeped Lhinestad Draught
Steeped Lhinestad Salve
Steeped Conhuith Draught
Steeped Conhuith Salve
Steeped Milkthistle Draught
Steeped Milkthistle Salve
Steeped Healing Draught
Steeped Healing Salve
Strength 80 Dunland Lhinestad Draught
Dunland Lhinestad Salve
Dunland Conhuith Draught
Dunland Conhuith Salve
Dunland Milkthistle Draught
Dunland Milkthistle Salve
Dunland Healing Draught
Dunland Healing Salve
Strength 90 Eastemnet Lhinestad Draught
Eastemnet Lhinestad Salve
Eastemnet Conhuith Draught
Eastemnet Conhuith Salve
Eastemnet Milkthistle Draught
Eastemnet Milkthistle Salve
Eastemnet Healing Draught
Eastemnet Healing Salve
Strength 100 Westemnet Lhinestad Draught
Westemnet Lhinestad Salve
Westemnet Conhuith Draught
Westemnet Conhuith Salve
Westemnet Milkthistle Draught
Westemnet Milkthistle Salve
Westemnet Healing Draught
Westemnet Healing Salve
Strength 105 Anfalas Lhinestad Draught
Anfalas Lhinestad Salve
Anfalas Conhuith Draught
Anfalas Conhuith Salve
Anfalas Milkthistle Draught
Anfalas Milkthistle Salve
Anfalas Healing Draught
Anfalas Healing Salve
Old style Flask of Lhinestad
Salve of Lhinestad
Flask of Conhuith
Salve of Conhuith
Milkthistle Draught
Infused Milkthistle Salve
Infused Healing Draught
Infused Healing Salve

Hope Tokens

  • Hope (Edhelharn) Tokens are used to counteract the Dread often applied by Boss mobs or from defeat. They are made by Jewellers. They have a cooldown of 15 minutes, and apply the hope bonus to all fellowship members within 20m when used.
  • Minstrels can also remove dread and generate hope.
Tier Min
Name Duration Hope Resistance
1 15 Token 1 (uncommon)-icon.png Dull Edhelharn Token 15m +1
1 15 Token 1 (uncommon)-icon.png Dim Edhelharn Token 30m +1
2 25 Token 2 (uncommon)-icon.png Faint Edhelharn Token 15m +2
2 25 Token 2 (uncommon)-icon.png Pale Edhelharn Token 30m +2
3 30 Token 3 (uncommon)-icon.png Glossy Edhelharn Token 15m +3
3 30 Token 3 (uncommon)-icon.png Polished Edhelharn Token 30m +3
4 35 Token 4 (uncommon)-icon.png Shining Edhelharn Token 15m +4
4 35 Token 4 (uncommon)-icon.png Gleaming Edhelharn Token 30m +4
5 40 Token 5 (rare)-icon.png Brilliant Edhelharn Token 15m +5
5 40 Token 5 (uncommon)-icon.png Glorious Edhelharn Token 30m +5
6 51 Token 6 (uncommon)-icon.png Sparkling Edhelharn Token 30m +5
6 51 Token 6 (uncommon)-icon.png Luminous Edhelharn Token 40m +5
7 51 Token 7 (rare)-icon.png Vitreous Edhelharn Token 40m +5
7 51 Token 7 (uncommon)-icon.png Asteric Edhelharn Token 50m +5
8 51 Token 7 (rare)-icon.png Eastemnet Edhelharn Token 50m +5 +713
9 80 Token 8 (rare)-icon.png Westemnet Edhelharn Token 50m +6 +761
12 51 Token 9 (rare)-icon.png Ironfold Edhelharn Token 50m +6 +907
13 51 Token 9 (rare)-icon.png Minas Ithil Edhelharn Token 50m +6 +956