Old Bauman

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Old Bauman
Image of Old Bauman
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Bree-land
Area Chetwood
Settlement Combe Lumber Camp
Map Ref [28.7S, 47.0W]


Old Bauman is found at the Combe Lumber Camp within Chetwood in Bree-land, to the east of Combe. He lost his farm to the Blackwolds and now he has nothing left.

Quest Involvement


"Those brigands took my farm from me. I've nothing left now."
"That Lizbeth in there has a heart of gold...but she's sure not much of a cook!"
"Sure hope those brigands don't come back. I've had more than enough of their kind."
"If I'd been a few years younger, I'd have shown those brigands what for!"
"If it weren't for Lizbeth putting me up in her inn, I'm not sure what I'd done."