Ohtar (Isildur's Esquire)

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Image of Ohtar
Title Esquire of Isildur
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Mordor Besieged
Area Arandor
Settlement Díngarth
Map Ref [97.4S, 131.6W]


Ohtar is the Squire of Isilur and a Captain at the garrison in Díngarth during the Siege of Barad-dûr by the Great Alliance in the Mordor Besieged area. [97.4S, 131.6W]

Ohtar later fought in the Battle of the Gladden Fields. He escaped with the shards of Narsil and survived the battle.

Quest Involvement


Ohtar was Isildur's young esquire. In the autumn of Third Age 2 he was the one who was commanded to at all costs bring the shards of the Narsil out of the tragic Battle of the Gladden Fields and into safety. Together with an unnamed, young companion he managed to reach Imladris (Rivendell) with the shards.

Ohtar, his companion, and Estelmo (Elendur's esquire) were the only three to survive the battle.

It may be noted that Ohtar was probably not his name but a title meaning "warrior, soldier". This title was, according to Tolkien himself:

"the title of all who, though fully trained and experienced, had not yet been admitted to the rank of 'roquen', 'knight'." — Unfinished Tales, by Tolkien

However, by custom many men of these days bore given titles or nicknames as if they were names, certainly when it honoured them, and this "Ohtar" certainly became a legend.

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