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Image of Nurnhoth
Race Man
Area Orodruin


Nurnhoth are the slave race of Mordor, inhabitants of the region known as Nurn. Most live near the Sea of Nurnen, a more fertile area than the rest of the Black Land. The Men of Nurn were descendants of one of the Pre-Númenórean tribes of Middle-earth. They were enslaved by the Dark Lord Sauron long ago and forced to work the soil and fields of Nurn, growing crops to feed Mordor's armies. Their ranks were presumably bolstered by prisoners of war captured by Mordor and perhaps included a few Gondorians and Rohirrim. Following the downfall of Sauron, the Nurnhoth were freed from their dark master and granted the land of Nurn by King Elessar. However, some have continued to be manipulated by factions of Orcs, Haradrim, or Easterlings still vying for power in Mordor.