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Type: Beacon
Region: Far Anórien
Area: Taur Drúadan
Location: [47.3S, 30.5W]
Nardol from Erelas


Nardol is a landmark within Taur Drúadan in Far Anórien. [47.3S, 30.5W]


This is one of the northern line of the beacons of Gondor, being the third from Minas Tirith.


Located on the end of a high ridge, originally part of the Drúadan Forest, but long deprived of trees by masons and quarriers who came up the Stonewain Valley, Nardol was manned by a guard, who also protected the quarries. It was well-stored with fuel and at need a great blaze could be lit.
Built upon this high summit, hence the name Nardol -- "Fire-hilltop." The guard stationed here could build a greate blaze which, on a clear night, could be seen at Halifirien some 120 miles to the west.


The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this location:
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